Punainen matkalaukku lentokentällä

Your suitcase may disappear or be delayed

Last year, 26 million suitcases were damaged, stolen or delivered delayed at airports worldwide. This translates into around nine suitcases per 1,000 passengers.

According to a report by SITA, specialists in air transport communications, an airport's location and size play a role when luggage is delayed, damaged or lost.

The risk is lowest at small airports in Asia, where only one suitcase per one thousand passengers is delayed, damaged or lost. In Europe, the problem is biggest at large airports where the corresponding figure is ten suitcases per one thousand passengers.

Stopovers increase the number of delays

Nearly 83 per cent of the problems with luggage are attributable to delays. Of these, most occur when suitcases are transferred from one flight to another. Then, luggage crew either forget to load suitcases on a plane or accidentally load them on a wrong plane.

Airports pay increasing attention to suitcase handling. The number of delayed suitcases has fallen compared to the previous year, despite an increase in passenger numbers. On the other hand, the amount of luggage carried in the cargo hold has decreased.

You should also insure your luggage

While only rarely does a suitcase disappear completely, it is nevertheless worthwhile to insure one's luggage.

If your suitcase is more than two hours delayed, your luggage insurance will cover any necessary acquisitions. Such acquisitions include hygiene products and clothes which will enable you to manage the waiting period at the destination.

Luggage may also be damaged or lost during flights.

Report luggage problems immediately

Report any lost or damaged luggage immediately to the airline at the airport, submitting what is known as a PIR report.

If the airline is unable to locate your suitcase it has lost, it will pay you a compensation. However, airlines will not compensate for electronics or other valuable possessions. Such items are paid for by the luggage insurance.

Damaged luggage is comparable to lost luggage. Luggage damaged during transportation will in most cases be compensated for by the luggage insurance.