Smart Order Routing

Smart securities brokering by Smart Order Routing

Thanks to our highly intelligent SOR service you have an opportunity to always reach for the best price for your equity trade.

More liquidity

You have more extensive opportunities to buy and sell at your disposal.


Better prices

Your orders are executed at the best possible prices.


Easy and intelligent

Our highly intelligent SOR service is always automatically at your disposal.

Smart Order Routing

We have included the Smart Order Routing (SOR) feature in our electronic equity brokerage services. In practice, the SOR feature automatically routes your order to several market places and chooses the ones with the best price and liquidity.


Today almost half of the exchange of the most traded shares on the Helsinki Stock Exchange takes place on multilateral trading platforms. (, 2017)
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The SOR feature gives you access to alternative trading platforms

The SOR feature gives you access to alternative trading platforms (MTF – Multilateral Trading Facility). MTFs are virtual trading platforms for buyers and sellers of securities. They are regulated market places (for example Chi-X and Turquoise) where you can trade shares that are listed on national stock exchanges.

A large proportion of securities trading has transferred from traditional stock exchanges, such as the Helsinki Stock Exchange, to alternative trading platforms. When you have access to alternative trading platforms, the market liquidity, i.e. the number of shares being bought and sold, is almost twice as high as if you only traded on the traditional stock exchanges. Your orders are automatically routed to both traditional exchanges and alternative facilities. The SOR feature covers both Finnish and foreign stocks.

How does Smart Order Routing show when I place equity orders?

You place your orders just like before. When you place the order, you will see the order book of the main stock exchange, for example the Helsinki Stock Exchange. But even if you can not see the alternative trading platforms, your orders are being placed on them.

Your equity trade is registered as one transaction in your depositary also when it is executed in many market places. It will therefore be taxed in the same way as if it were made on only one trading platform.

You will see where the trades were executed in your trading statement.

Trading fees are the same in all market places.

The SOR feature is available to you in all OP trading channels.

You can use the following OP channels to trade securities:, OP-mobile and orders through bank branches

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