Mopolla perille moped course

Together with the Finnish Driving Schools Association (Suomen Autokoululiitto), we want to offer young moped drivers the best possible chance to learn the skills needed to stay safe on the road.  Safe driving comes with experience. Make sure that your skills are up to speed and take the moped course at any of our partner driving schools. You can get up to 20% off the price of Pohjola Moped Insurance.

Mopolla perille moped course


You’re about to become a new road user with your first motor vehicle. A moped is often the first motor vehicle used by young people. Ensure that you know how to stay safe and handle your moped in practice so that you’re ready to join the roads as a new driver.

The Mopolla perille moped course offers training on the theory and practice of riding a moped in a safe environment under a professional instructor. Good riding skills make you an excellent moped rider.

Take the Mopolla perille moped course and use the discount


After completing the Mopolla perille moped course at any of our partner driving schools, you are entitled to up to 20% off the price of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for a moped. See below for the list of driving schools and the terms of the offer. The offer is valid for six (6) months after the completion of the course.

1st year: -20 %; 2nd year: -15 %; 3rd year: -10 %; 4th year: -5 %


How to get the discount

  • Go to the form to request a quote for moped insurance.
  • Fill in the required details about yourself and the moped to be insured.
  • In the field for additional information, enter the name of the driving school and the date when you took the course.
  • Send the request for a quote. We will be in touch with you in one to two weekdays after receiving the quote.
  • Ask for a quote on moped insurance or call our Customer Service at 0303 0303.
You can inquire about the practice course and its contents from driving schools listed on the Finnish Association of Driving Schools website.

See below for the principal terms offer.

  • The policyholder must complete the driving course as part of the driving school instruction.
  • The policyholder must have completed the driving course at one of the partner tracks.
    • The policyholder shall notify Pohjola Insurance of the place and time of completing the driving course, after which Pohjola Insurance will confirm the information with the test track.
    • The policyholder must grant permission for Pohjola Insurance to confirm the information on the driving course with the test track.
  • The driving course must be completed with a passenger car.
  • The offer is valid for an existing insurance policy or a new policy.
  • This driving course offer cannot be used simultaneously with another existing membership benefit offered by Pohjola Insurance, such as benefits received as part of membership in a union.
  • The benefit is in the form of a discount to comprehensive motor vehicle insurance premium: 1st year -20%, 2nd year -15%, 3rd year -10% and 4th year -5%.
  • The benefit is valid as of 1 September 2019.
  • The benefit is valid for a single vehicle and cannot be transferred to another vehicle.
  • The benefit must be redeemed within six months of completing the track driving course.
  • The offer is not valid if the driving course was completed at a track other than one of the partner tracks listed above.

Before you can be issued an insurance contract at a reduced price, Pohjola Insurance will contact your driving school to confirm that you have completed the slippery driving course you referred to in your request for quote. For the purpose of granting the discount, the driving school will disclose information on the course’s completion and its date with Pohjola Insurance. For more information on how we process personal data, see the Privacy Notice for the Pohjola Insurance Ltd customer data file. You can also contact us by phone, online message or chat, or visit your nearest OP branch office.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.