Uponorin Phyn Plus -vedenvalvontayksikkö etuhintaan.

Uponor's Phyn Plus water monitoring unit at a discounted price for owner-customers

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you can protect your home against leaking pipes at a discounted price with Uponor’s Phyn Plus water monitoring unit. You will receive the water monitoring unit a discounted price €18.20/ month (normally €22.90/month). If you continue to use the service after 30 months, you will only pay the Phyn application user charge €6.90/month. The Phyn Plus water monitoring unit can cut off your home’s water supply automatically and thus prevent major water damage. The Phyn Plus water monitoring unit also learns from your water use and thus allows you to save money!

Pohjola Insurance compensates for approximately 6,000 water damage cases a year, which means approximately 16 cases per day. In fact, leakage damage is the most common reason for compensations paid under home insurance. In 2018, Pohjola Insurance paid water damage for a total of approximately EUR 33 million, with average claims expenditure of approx. EUR 5,500 for each water damage.

Uponor’s Phyn Plus is an online intelligent water monitoring unit that covers the home’s entire water supply system and can cut off water supply automatically, if necessary. Phyn Plus protects your home from pipe leakages and gives accurate information about your water use. 

You will benefit from the Phyn Plus water monitoring unit in many ways

Gives you information about water use

  • You can monitor water consumption in your home according to tap hourly, daily and monthly. You can also compare your consumption to average water consumption in homes and learn how to save water.

Prevents water damage

  • You will receive a real-time notification about water leakage in your mobile device and can cut off water supply through a remote connection using the Phyn application. In case of major leakage, Phyn will cut off water supply automatically, thus preventing major water damage. 

Checks the pipeline regularly

  • The daily pipeline check-up informs you of irregular pressure or small leakages in the pipelines with an SMS or through the application.

How is water damage compensated?

Pohjola MyHome insurance’s pipeline leakage cover reimburses damage to your property due to the leakage of water from a broken pipeline or from a home appliance connected to a pipeline. Note that the deductible is always subtracted from the compensation payable. However, the deductible is not subcontracted if a leakage alarm system, such as Uponor Phyn Plus, has limited or reduced the leakage damage. 

In water damage caused by a leaking pipe, the amount of the compensation depends on the age of the pipe. Therefore, the amount of the compensation often does not cover all home repair costs. Of leakage damage repair costs, home insurance covers structural demolition, drying and reconstruction costs. As major age and leakage reductions can be made in repairing leakages caused by old pipes, it is important to prevent leakages altogether. Phyn Plus water monitoring unit protects your home against water damage. 

How to redeem Uponor’s benefit on OP-mobile

Benefits offered by our partners travel with you wherever you go and are easily available on OP-mobile.

  1. If you still don’t have OP-mobile for your phone or tablet, get the app from the iOS or Android app store. Activate the app with your OP eServices user identifiers. If you have already downloaded OP-mobile for your phone or tablet, first log into OP-mobile.
  2. Activate the app or login with your OP eServices user identifiers.
  3. On OP-mobile, go to the Other section, select Owner benefits and then select Benefits and events. Go to the Owner benefits section on OP-mobile for the promo code to redeem your benefit on Uponor’s website.

Redeem Uponor’s benefit by 31 December 2020

You will receive Uponor’s Phyn Plus water monitoring unit at a discounted price €18.20/months (normally €22.90/month). The offer is valid until 31 December 2020. You can only redeem the benefit once. The benefit is available to you if you are an OP cooperative bank's owner-customer and have personal user identifiers for OP eServices.


  • Become an owner-customer

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