Nainen puhuu mikrofoniin luurit korvilla.

Carry out transactions on OP eServices

OP eServices is a full-service online bank where you can also carry out insurance transaction.

OP eServices is a convenient, diversified service for daily needs and one of the most popular web services in Finland. When you use, you need to visit a Group member cooperative bank branch only if your collect user identifiers for OP eServices or sign documents.

At you can, for example,

  • have an online meeting with a bank's expert or discuss with him/her in a chat room
  • leave the bank callback requests or book a private branch appointment
  • pay your bills and track your account transactions
  • manage your insurance and loan affairs
  • view  the bank's products and services
  • search for information on banking and insurance and follow economic, business and financial news. also works for tablets and smartphones. Try out OP-mobile designed for these devices to do your daily banking and insurance transactions.

Try out using test identifiers

Enter 123456 as your username and 7890 as your password. When the service asks you for a key code, enter any four-digit code in the box.

Hold an online meeting or ask for advice from our experts

You can get personal service from our experts via too. You can contact via chat or ask us to call you. Also try out an online meeting: you will meet our experts via in investments, loans or insurance, for example. Online meeting times are also available in the evening or, say, during the lunchtime.

You will become a user of OP eServices if you go to a Group member cooperative bank branch to make an OP eServices agreement. At the same time, you will get your personal user identifiers for the service.
What do you need to use OP eServices? web browser, cookie, JavaScript, SSL encryption

OP eServices works best for the latest versions of web browsers. In order to use our services, you must allow cookies and JavaScript and at least SSL3 128 bit encryption.