Säiliöauto rekka

Green Card

Are you going abroad by car?

Compensation issues for road accidents occurring abroad are usually resolved under the local motor liability insurance regulations. The compensation amounts and practices vary considerably and may be quite inadequate. We recommend that both the driver and the passengers always have sufficient traveller's and luggage Insurance.

Green Card

If you are travelling outside the Nordic countries, you should always take along a Green Card,  which proves that you have a valid motor liability insurance policy. The countries where it is valid are listed on the Green Card.

Theft cover

Before you start off, you should check the company vehicle's theft cover validity and deductibles. Any losses to your vehicle  outside the Nordic countries carries a double deductible.

In Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova, theft cover for cars and motorcycles is only valid if a separate agreement has been made about it. If such an agreement  is valid and a passenger car or motorcycle is stolen in one of the countries listed above, the deductible is 20% of the loss amount (but no less than EUR 600).

If your passenger car or motorcycle is stolen in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland, the deductible is 20% of the loss but no less than EUR 600.

International third-party motor liability insurance for professional drivers

Legislation and claims practices concerning motor liability insurance abroad may differ considerably from those in Finland. A voluntary international third-party motor liability insurance can cover situations in which a motor vehicle driver is liable for bodily injury or material damage caused to a third party under the country's motor liability insurance act or equivalent.