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Cargo insurance abroad

Cover your transport company operations aboard with comprehensive cargo and travel insurance policies.

We offer your transport company comprehensive insurance services for sea, air and road transports and also accompanying personnel. We can also provide cover for your company's operations abroad in other respects.

Why is cargo insurance worth taking?

Cargo carriers are responsible for good entrusted to them. The cargo carrier's responsibility in various modes of transport is regulated by national and international laws and agreements. Cargo liability loss policies are written by A-Insurance Ltd.

Most countries do not have specific laws on the liability of forwarders, store-keepers, stevedores and providers of various added-value transportation services. As a result, determining liability often hinges on the terms and conditions in the agreement made between the persons handling the goods and their customers.

Because responsibility varies from one mode of transport and goods handling stage, there are many insurance solutions available for cargo carriers, forwarders and cargo handlers.

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Why should you take out a travel insurance policy for employees working abroad?

  • Travel insurance provides cover against risks before, during or after a  business, secondment and holiday trip.

  • Travel insurance always provides cover if an employee suddenly falls in abroad. The availability and costs of medical care vary a great deal from country to country.

  • Statutory workers' compensation insurance does not compensate if you fall in during a trip or if an accident occurs outside working hours.

  • While travelling, coverage for, say, theft of personal effects is also necessary.

Nowadays companies operate around the world and often in new far-off market areas.

We are offering your company, through our international network covering over 150 countries, insurance and risk management services based on a deep understanding of local conditions:

  • Consistent insurance cover for you company
  • Local expert services familiar with the local characteristics
  • Operations according to local rules and regulations
  • Uniform operating practices throughout the network
  • Efficient claims processing
  • Expert international service team in Finland.