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Frequently asked questions

User identifiers are locked – What to do if my personal user identifiers are locked?

If your user identifiers or key code list has been locked due to your own typo, you can try to re-log into the service after 24 hours. Your user identifiers will be reactivated if you type them correctly when you log in next time. If you re-type wrong user identifiers, you can reactivate them by visiting an OP cooperative bank branch.

If you need to have your user identifiers reactivated in less than 24 hours, visit your nearest OP cooperative bank branch. Remember to take your valid personal ID document or passport with you.

User identifiers are your key to OP’s services. Do not give your credentials to anyone.

If you suspect that your user identifiers have fallen into the wrong hands, deactivate them immediately by calling OP telephone service at 0100 0500 (Mon–Fri 8 am– 4 pm, local network charge/mobile charge) or the OP Deactivation Service at 0100 0555 (24/7). Also report the incident to OP telephone service when it is open again.

How can I start using Mobile key?

You can enable Mobile key in a phone or tablet. Install our OP-mobile or OP Business mobile app. On first use, you’ll need your username, password and key code list. When you’re enabling Mobile key, you’ll receive a further confirmation SMS to the phone number that you have set as the further confirmation number for your user ID.

Read more detailed instructions on how to enable Mobile key on OP-mobile or OP Business mobile.

Further confirmation doesn’t work – Didn’t you get the SMS or is the information in the message incorrect?

Didn’t you get the SMS?
  • If you no longer use the phone number to which the SMS was sent, please contact OP Customer Service.
    • You can check your further confirmation phone number in the service under Oma profiili (My profile).
  • If the phone number is correct but you still didn’t get the SMS, turn off your phone and restart it, and
  • check your phone settings to ensure that the number +358 40 7118180 isn’t blocked.
Is the information in the further confirmation SMS incorrect or did you get a message of a transaction you are not making yourself?
Don’t confirm the transaction and deactivate your user ID if the information in the SMS doesn’t match the transaction you are making yourself at To deactivate your user ID, contact OP Customer Service or call OP Deactivation Service at 0100 0555 (24/7).

The order will be completed according to the information in the message, so always check that the information matches the order you are making yourself at The message was sent automatically from the number +358407118180. Our customer service never answers or calls from this number.

My card does not work – What could be the reason?

If your card doesn’t work, the reason is usually the card’s spending/withdrawal limit, the available credit facility, reaching the card’s expiry date or the card becoming locked. If your card doesn’t work, you can usually solve the problem yourself.

Why isn’t my card working? Read more detailed instructions

Changing the due date and the loan's monthly repayment – How can I change my loan's repayment plan?

You can change the due date or the loan repayment instalment, i.e. the repayment amount at

  • Secured loans, such as home loans, study loans and bank loans: log in and apply for the change.
  • Unsecured loans, such as Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit: A customer that has logged in can make the changes without an application.

See here for more detailed instructions for making a change in the repayment plan >


Good to know about changing the due date and the repayment instalment:

  • With one application, you can apply for a change in several loans. The changes that you can apply for are repayment holiday, a decrease or increase in the repayment instalment amount and a change in the due date.
  • State in the application the loan or loans you’re wanting to change, the change you’re applying for, your income and expenses and the reason for applying for the change.
  • If the loan has several borrowers, the application that you filed will be checked and approved by the other borrower/borrowers via their OP eServices. The bank will process the application when all the borrowers have approved the application. The change is subject to a service charge specified in our list of service charges and fees. See our list of service charges and fees before sending your application.