Frequently asked questions

Changing the due date and the loan's monthly repayment – How can I change my loan's repayment plan?

You have agreed with the bank on a loan term and repayment method specified in the loan agreement. It is possible to make changes to the repayment plan and then you should contact your own Group member cooperative bank via OP eServices.

It is possible to make changes to the repayment plan of Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit. Using your personal user identifiers, you can change your monthly repayment amount.

Change of a debit account – How can I change the account to which my loan repayments are debited?

You change the account by means of an online power of attorney. If the loan is raised by several borrowers, every borrower must fill in his own power of attorney. The power of attorney must indicate that it is the question of a change of the loan management account. Other required information includes the loan number and the number of the account to which subsequent loan repayments will be debited.

Powers of attorney can be found at the new in spring 2016. Until then, you can use the existing service. At, you can find Powers of attorney from Omat tiedot (Personal data).

Repayment holiday – How can I take a repayment holiday on my loan?

A repayment holiday means a period during which only interest is paid on the loan. It enables you to balance your personal finances in a flexible way.

You can take a repayment holiday on your home, student and bank loans.

Do the following:

  • Log into OP eServices
  • Select "Lyhennysvapaa ja muut muutokset" (Repayment holiday and other changes) from the left-hand side menu on the "Lainat" (Loans) page.