Notifications on OP’s mobile apps

Frequently asked questions

Failed card payment – I received a notification of a failed card payment. How can I check that my account wasn’t debited?

If your card payment fails, your account will not be debited. If you’re not sure whether the payment failed or succeeded, you can check the status of your payments on OP-mobile. You will see all account and card transactions that have been debited from your account as well as any preauthorisations on your account.

Failed card payment – I received a notification of a failed card payment but can’t find any details about it on OP-mobile. Where can I check the payment details?

OP-mobile’s notifications tell you the following details about a failed payment: reason for the payment failure, payee and amount. From the notification, you can access more detailed payment information on OP-mobile, including the exact time and any instructions.

If, for some reason, you delete the notification or the notification doesn’t open and you can no longer see the detailed information of the failed card payment, please contact OP Customer Service.

Further details on notification – where can I find further information?

When you receive the notification, tap it and log into the mobile app to see further details.

Notifications – What notifications do I get from OP-mobile and can I choose them?

When you enable notifications, you will get important notifications of the OP-mobile features you use and of transactions that require your attention. Then you will always get a notification of

  • a new e-invoice you need to confirm
  • an incoming Siirto payment or Siirto payment request
  • a changed share price if you have set a share price alert
  • ordered equity research (in Finnish)
  • a failed card payment
  • overdrawn account.

To manage other notifications of account transactions and card preauthorisations, go to Notifications → Notifications of transactions.

Notification of a cancelled card purchase – I tapped a notification I received a few days ago and saw the details of a payment that has already been cancelled. Why do I still see the payment details?

The payment transaction view that you can access from a notification always corresponds to the contents of the notification. This is the case even if the payment status had changed after the notification was sent. To check your account’s current status, go to Accounts and cards on OP-mobile and see your account and credit card transactions.

Notification of overdrawn account – why did I receive this message?

Notification of an overdrawn account may be due to a card payment without preauthorisation, or a service charge, which has led to a negative balance on your account. If this happens, you will receive a push notification through OP-mobile or online message.

If your account still has a negative balance a day after the first notification arrived, we will send you another push notification on the same matter on the following day.

We will notify you of the overdrawn account so that you can avoid extra charges, if possible.

See the list of service charges and fees

Notifications of overdrawn account — how can I receive them?

A notification or online message is sent automatically to all account holders. If you receive OP-mobile notifications, the notification will arrive through OP-mobile. If you have not begun using OP-mobile notifications, you will receive an online message.

Card notifications – Why do I get some notifications with a delay?

Some payees process payments at night, which is why the payment details may arrive with a delay.

Card transaction notifications – Why don’t I get notifications of all my card transactions?

You can only get notifications of card preauthorisations. A preauthorisation means that when you’re buying something, the respective amount is put on hold on your account or credit card. The amount will be actually debited later, within a few days.

Notification management – Can I receive notifications about my own payments only?

You can enable notifications for all accounts whose details you can view on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile. You can also enable notifications about your own cards only, or for all cards associated with an account.

Refunded card payment – I received a notification of a refunded card payment. What does it mean?

A refunded card payment means that money has been refunded to your card and credited to your account.

Cancelled card payment – I received a notification of a cancelled card payment. What does it mean?

A cancelled card payment means that a preauthorisation of your card payment was cancelled. The payment in question will not be debited from your account. A payment can be cancelled if, for example, you return a product the same day you bought it or if an erroneously debited payment is refunded to you in full.

Overlapping notifications – I get the same card payment notification from several apps. How can I turn off unnecessary notifications?

If you’re using OP-mobile, OP Business mobile and Pivo, you may receive overlapping card payment notifications. You can select on a per-app basis which card payment notifications you want to get.

On OP-mobile, you can choose which card-related notifications you want to get from OP-mobile. Go to More → Settings → Notifications → Notifications of transactions. You can select the cards for which you want to get notifications. You can also turn off any overlapping notifications.

On OP Business mobile, you can similarly choose which notifications to get. Go to Tools → Notifications.

On Pivo too, you can choose whether you want to get card payment notifications. Go to Pivo’s Settings → Notifications. To manage other Pivo notifications, go to your phone’s settings.

If you’re using Apple Pay, you can choose card-specific notifications also on the Apple Wallet app.