How can my company become user of OP eFX?

Please contact your bank’s contact person or directly to the OP eFX Sales, tel. 010 252 2777, email opefx.myynti(a)op.fi.

Is it possible to open OP eFX for a private individual?

OP eFX is intended only for corporate customers.

Is OP eFX subject to a charge?

Adopting and using OP eFX is free of charge for corporate customers.

What browsers do OP eFX use?

OP eFX supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Can I use OP eFX with my mobile phone?

For the time being, OP eFX cannot be used with mobile phones.

Do I need to have a currency account to use OP eFX?

If you do foreign exchange transactions only for outgoing payments, you do not need any currency account. If you make payments between accounts, you need an OP currency account.

Who at my company can do transactions with OP eFX?

When you activate OP eFX, you can appoint persons authorised to do foreign exchange transactions.

How can I add a user to OP eFX?

Please contact OP eFX Sales and they will show you how to proceed.

How can I add currencies to OP eFX?

Please contact OP eFX Sales and they will add the currencies you need to OP eFX.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please call OP eFX Sales at 010 252 2777 or mail to opefx.myynti(a)op.fi.