Savings and investments

Frequently asked questions

A book-entry account for a child – I would like to open a book-entry account for my underage child.

You need the personal identity number and name of the child the open the account. When opening an account for a minor, you also need the consent of both guardians. The handiest way of doing this is to book a time for a meeting online or at a branch office for starting saving for the child and going through your options. Even if you will not transfer large sums into the fund right away, we recommend agreeing on it in advance and set up an automatic saving order, for example twice a year. It is easy to change the order at a later date.

If the guardians are unable to make the meeting together, we recommend one of them sending a consent with a power of attorney over the eServices for the opening of the child's account and the starting of the saving. The guardian present at the meeting can then open the services for the minor child on his or her own.

You cannot open an account for an unborn child.

Starting to trading in equities – How can I start to trading in equities at

On OP eServices, you can trade in Finnish equities but also in various foreign stock markets. To start investing in equities, you need securities custody and a book-entry account, an eServices agreement and a bank account.

The requirements for beginning international stock trading are the same as for the Finnish market, and you will not need any additional custody. This means that if you are already trading in the Finnish stock market, you can immediately start international trading, too.