Secure transactions

Frequently asked questions

Further confirmation does not work – Have you given an incorrect phone number for the further confirmation service?

This is a security feature providing additional protection against misuse of credentials and online crime. Check that the details in an SMS message match those of your original transaction. If this is not the case, do not give a key code and do not confirm the transaction.

If you do not receive a further confirmation text message, check whether you have given your current phone number for the service.

Do the following:

  1. Login to the service.
  2. Select Personal contact information > Further payment confirmation
  3. Check that your phone number has been included in the service.
  • If the number has not been included. Include your number in the further confirmation service.
  • If the number is no longer in use, you can remove the old number by calling OP’s telephone service or visiting a bank branch. After this, you can include your new number at or a bank branch.

Please remember to update your contact information, if your phone number changes.

The bank’s SMS messages asking for further confirmation will always be sent from number +358407118180 and signed by OP.

Phishing – Do the following in the case of fraud

If you receive a suspicious email that looks like it has been sent in the name of OP, forward the message to us. Do not click on any link included in the email. Delete the email once you have forwarded it.

If you receive an unusual notification/message or a suspicious view on OP eServices, send us the related print screen and source code.

Include your name, contact information and your bank’s name (e.g. OP Mallila) in your email. We will not reply directly to messages sent to this email but you will receive an automatic reply. Also report the event to OP telephone service, 010 253 1333, or to your bank. Send the report to tietoturvailmoitukset(a)

If you suspect that your personal online user identifiers have fallen into the hands of an unauthorised party, deactivate them immediately by calling OP telephone service at 010 253 1333 (weekdays from 9 am until 4 pm, local network charge/mobile charge). Outside the telephone service hours, deactivate your user identifiers by calling the OP Deactivation Service, tel. +358 100 0555 (24/7). Also report to the telephone service when it is open again.