Check your payment card settings and enjoy benefits

Adjust your payment card's spending/withdrawal limits, credit limit and repayment schedule easily at or on OP-mobile. Remember to use the benefits offered by your card!

Customise your credit limit

You can increase your card's credit limit conveniently through OP eServices. If you pay large purchases on credit, you'll get additional benefits related to credit payments, such as OP bonuses. To make a credit limit increase, log into or OP-mobile. You'll get a decision immediately and the increase will be effective right away. While increasing your credit limit, you can also customise your card's spending/withdrawal limits.

Check your spending/withdrawal limits

Did you know that your card has daily spending/withdrawal limits? When did you last check them? You can use spending/withdrawal limits to protect yourself against card misuse, but you can also easily raise them before larger purchases if needed. Your changes will become effective right away.

Flexible repayment schedule

Flexibility means that when paying back the credit you have used, you don't necessarily have to repay the full amount already the following month. Instead, you can pay repay it according to an agreed repayment schedule. Often a credit card is, in fact, a lower-cost financing option than hire purchase financing.

Transferring credit to your account

Did you know that you can also transfer amounts from your card's credit facility to your bank account? You can transfer the credit facility to your account at and on OP-mobile.

Use your payment card benefits

Each purchase you make on credit generates value-for-money OP bonuses which can be used for your insurance premiums, for example. It's a good idea to pay especially larger purchases on credit because you will then earn more OP bonuses. If you're an owner-customer and pay with Visa, you'll get Product Protection Insurance that covers your card purchases for 180 days.

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