How to apply for financing for your company

You can apply for financing easily on our online service. This is the fastest way to apply for financing. Filling in an application does not commit you to accepting any financing granted.


Steps of the financing application process

  • Complete the financing application at
    You can use IDs granted by OP or another bank to verify your identity.
  • Our experts will contact you within a few banking days after receiving your application.
    When processing the application, we will assess your company’s creditworthiness and map out a solution meeting its needs.
  • We will make a financing offer to your company.
    We calculate the best financing offer on a case-by-case basis.

Speed up the processing of the application by attaching the following attachments

  • Last official financial statements. If more than six months have passed since the last financial statements, you must also attach a snapshot of the company’s accounts.
  • If you are seeking financing for a new company, you will need a business plan and three-year budget plan.
  • Information on financing granted by other financial institutions.
  • The company’s business plan, cash flow statement and profit budget would also be useful when processing the application.


Think about collateral

In order to grant financing, we will need collateral. Consider in advance which assets your company can use as collateral for financing. Our expert will advise you on collateral-related matters.

Learn more about collateral