How to apply for financing for your company

You can easily file a financing application online. The application does not bind you to take out the financing.

Whether you need financing to make a small purchase, a larger investment or to smooth out seasonal fluctuations, we will calculate the best financing offer for your company's needs.

If you want to apply for a repayment holiday for a corporate loan because of the coronavirus pandemic, please fill in this application.

The steps of financing application

  • You can easily file a financing application at We will ask you to authenticate yourself so that we can process your company’s application as soon as possible.
  • Our experts will contact you within a few banking days after your application has been received. When processing the application, we will assess your company’s creditworthiness, and our experts will evaluate the suitable solution for your needs.
  • We will make a financing offer to your company. Our experts will calculate the best financing offer on a case-by-case basis.

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Speed up the processing of your application – you can add attachments

  • Have last two year’s financial statements at hand that also any possible auditor’s report. If more than six months have passed since the last financial statements, the bank also requires accounting run or an interim financial statements.
  • We are also interested in the company’s business plan, cash flow statement, budgeted profit and predictions on how the financing will impact the company’s future.
  • If you are seeking financing for a new company, have its business plan and three-year budget plan at hand.
  • If other financial institutions have granted financing to your company, have these details at hand, too.
  • In order to grant financing, we will need collateral. Consider in advance which assets your company can use as collateral for financing. Learn more about collateral.
  • To file an application, you need to authenticate yourself. If you are not an OP customer, select your bank and authenticate yourself by using your online user identifiers.

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