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Banking services for housing companies

We listed everything you need to know about your housing company’s banking affairs.

Open an account, access rights ja banking services 

How can I open an account and activate the online service for a housing company?

Persons authorised to sign for your housing company may open bank accounts and activate other banking services by visiting the local OP cooperative bank branch. To open an account, we need the following information:

Persons authorised to sign for your housing company may open bank accounts and activate other banking services by visiting the local OP cooperative bank branch. To open an account, we need the following information:

  • minutes of the executive committee meeting on the purchase of new services,
  • the housing company’s Memorandum of Association, and
  • details of the person receiving access rights to the account (name and personal identity code).

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How can I take care of my housing company’s banking affairs?

You can take care of your housing company’s banking affairs easily online at op.fi or in OP Business mobile. To activate online banking services for the housing company, a person authorised to sign for the housing company must sign an eServices Agreement. The agreement can be signed in person when opening an account or online

After this, you can download the free OP Business mobile, which is our mobile banking app for businesses. You can use OP Business mobile’s Mobile key to identify yourself online without a key code list. In the online service, you can:    

  • Handle payments and matters related to accounts in real time.
  • Print out online balance statements, balance and interest certificates of accounts and loans, and a list of pledges related to objects of insurance.
  • Send and receive e-invoices, including corporate loan repayment bills.
  • Apply for a loan.
  • View loan balances and repayment plans.

How can I add or remove access rights to the housing company’s account?

Authorised signatories of the housing company can add or remove a person’s access rights by messaging us on op.fi or by calling our telephone service. Please let us know the following information:

  • number of the account whose access rights you wish to change,
  • the name and personal identity code of the person to be added or removed,
  • whether the person should receive rights to obtain information or extensive access rights (extensive access rights allow the person to make payments) and
  • the name, personal identity code, phone number and email address of the person who signed the agreement.

Starting from the day the person’s access rights are added, they can view the account’s details according to the scope of their access rights.

If the person receiving the access rights is not yet OP’s customer, the person must verify their identity at an OP cooperative bank branch before the access rights can be added.

Alternatively, the person can order a OP Corporate User ID on op.fi, at which point their identity is verified. This way, visiting a bank branch is not necessary.


How do I order e-invoices for my housing company?

You can order e-invoices for your housing company by giving your e-invoice recipient address and operator ID to the invoicer. 

The recipient address is found at op.fi under > Accounts, payments and invoicing > E-invoices > E-invoicing service settings > Company e-invoicing address.
The operator ID for OP’s customers is OKOYFIHH. There are differences between originators in how you can report the information (for example, by phone, email or by filling in a form on the originator’s website). 

How do I send e-invoices as the housing company?

In order to send e-invoices, the housing company must have a service for sending e-invoices. To activate the service, call OP’s Telephone Service at 0100 05151, or contact your OP cooperative bank.

If the housing company has activated OP eServices for corporate customers, the administrator user can activate e-invoicing in the online service. The administrator can activate the e-invoicing service in OP eServices for corporate customers under Customer profile > OP eServices for corporate customers > Enable e-invoicing services. After this, you will be immediately able to send and receive e-invoices. 

In order for your partners to order e-invoices from the housing company, your housing company must also submit an invoicer message. You can submit the invoicer message on the Finance Finland website using the invoicer message generator.

Loan repayment

How do I make an extra repayment for a housing company loan?

If your housing company has activated OP eServices for corporate customers, you can make extra repayments in the online service. To make an extra repayment, select New payment. Enter the loan number in the “Payee’s account number” field.

If the housing company has not activated the online service, you can request an extra repayment with an electronic form. We will process your request within five business days. An extra repayment will not shorten the loan term. It will decrease the remaining repayment amounts.

The request is subject to a charge according to our list of service charges and fees unless it concerns free extra repayment specified in the special terms and conditions.

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