Kerrostaloja rivissä.

Internationalisation is a natural means to seek growth

With careful planning, you can ensure that your company's path in global markets is as direct and risk-free as possible.

Do the Finnish borders curb the growth of your business? Or does your product surpass geographical limits? In such a case, it is only natural to go global.

When you know how you want to expand your business outside the Finnish market, contact your local OP cooperative bank in good time. We can discuss together how your company can take care of its payments in different currencies most efficiently and conveniently, what kind of insurance your company will need and what its optimal financing solutions are.   

We have a branch and partnership network based on international partnerships. Through our network you company can avail of local top expertise in all parts of the world.

OP can help you in boosting international growth

You can promote your company's business and growth abroad with careful planning. Some issues to consider:

  • What is the most efficient and safest account for you?
  • What are the preferred payment methods in different countries?
  • What kind of legislation is applied to payments locally?
  • What kind of support does your company need to be competitive – does your customer need financing?
  • What is the best way to manage country and currency risks?

We will be pleased to assist you in all these issues and other matters relating to international trade.

  • If payments are made in euros, concentrating them in one euro-denominated account will bring efficiency and savings. Payments are executed in real time.
  • You can open a Currency Account in any quoted currency. Appropriate use of the Currency Account will hedge you against foreign exchange risks. If the account is interest-bearing, you can invest your temporary cash surplus there. You may also gain from a rise in the exchange rate.
  • Sometimes you also need a local account. If you open a pooling account, your customer can make payments on local terms, and you only deal with OP and manage the accounts with us. We will take care of everything else for you.