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Control the risks related to work ability

Risks related to work ability should be viewed from the perspective of health, productivity and safety. OP offers you support in managing these factors.

In large corporations, the management of work ability risks often involves several parties, which can complicate the management of the whole. We wish to help you find a solution to this challenge by offering an opportunity for long-term collaboration with OP. As you engage our team of experts as part of your company’s network, you get personal support in mitigating work ability risks.

In collaboration with representatives from your company, OP's team of experts will address the following important questions related to work ability risks:

  • How can you determine the status of the work ability of your staff?
  • How to target the actions to those who need them the most?
  • How effective are the actions?
  • What indicators are used to verify the effects?
  • What goals are set, and how is their attainment monitored?

Together, we can create indicators and goals for work ability risks, enabling us to efficiently manage health, productivity and safety issues. Close collaboration helps both parties learn from the challenges and find the best possible solutions.

Managing damage

When an occupational accident takes place, we can quickly identify potentially serious and long-term damage. The processing of the accident event is forwarded to our multidisciplinary team which works closely with your company's representatives, the injured employee and occupational health care. We monitor the case actively and find solutions that enable the employee to restore their work ability and return to work as quickly as possible. Our medical partners play an important role in the efficient management of the treatment pathway.


For more information, please contact your customer care representative. If your company is not yet an OP customer, please submit a request for contact.