Online meeting for corporate customers


Get service wherever you are

An online meeting offers a convenient way to handle your company’s banking without visiting an OP branch. This means that you can use your mobile device in your office or anywhere where you can freely talk about your banking or insurance matters.

You can have an online meeting even outside the branch opening hours. Go to Appointments to check your local bank’s online meeting offering and book a suitable time for yourself.

How online meeting works on mobile

Meeting online on mobile devices

You need to have OP-mobile or OP Business mobile on your tablet or phone and the OP online meeting app. Download the app to your tablet or phone from AppStore or Google Play.

1. Book an appointment

You can book an appointment online.


2. Download applications

Download OP online meeting and OP-mobile.

3. Join the meeting

Start the meeting in OP-mobile, get comfortable and negotiate.

Instructions for online meeting (in Finnish)