Mies käyttää digitaalisia pankkipalveluita.

How to enable digital services for your business

With our online and mobile services, you can take care of all your company’s daily banking and insurance affairs with ease.

You can use the same user IDs and online service to also take care of personal banking and insurance matters and those of your other businesses. Select the customer role when logging in.

Speed up your business and enable our extensive digital services.

How to enable digital services


  • Sign an agreement on the use of services
    Before using the service, your company needs to sign a Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions for banking services and a Corporate eServices Agreement for insurance services.
  • You need an OP user ID to access our digital services
    You can do transactions online by using your personal private customer user ID or your personal OP Corporate User ID. If you do not yet have either user ID, order an OP Corporate User ID online.
  • The online service administrator can manage online service users and their access rights
    You can determine different rights for users or give all rights to a single user, depending on your company's needs.