Mies käyttää digitaalisia pankkipalveluita.

Start using digital services for your business

With our online and mobile services, you can handle your company’s daily banking and insurance matters the easy way.

How to start using digital services

To start using the op.fi service for corporate customers and OP Business mobile, you need to sign the Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions.

Banking services

You can make an agreement for banking services when you contact our Customer Service:

0100 05151 (Mon to Fri 8–16, local/mobile network rate)

Insurance services

You can sign an agreement for insurance services online. 

Sign an agreement for digital insurance services

User ID gives access to OP’s services

The digital services administrator manages your company’s users and their access rights. You can use either your OP User ID for personal customers or your personal OP Corporate User ID to manage your company’s banking. If you don’t yet have either user ID, order an OP Corporate User ID online.

You can manage insurance matters with any bank’s online banking user identifiers.

Start using Mobile key

With Mobile key, you log in and confirm payments and transactions without a key code list on mobile services for corporate customers, op.fi and other online services. Mobile key is available in OP-mobile and OP Business mobile.

You can still identify yourself by using a key code list. In this case, you need to identify yourself by using your username, password, key code list and, if necessary, an SMS confirmation.

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