Pääomamarkkinaehtoinen rahoitus

Capital market-based financing

For the financing needs of equity and debt capital

Is your company in need of or willing to have market-based financing? We can provide your company with a wide spectrum of both debt and equity financing services.

In practice, market-based financing means that we arrange financing directly from capital markets by selling debt or equity commitments issued by your company. Our experts will always take account of your company's status and needs of financing, in which case we can optimise a solution for your needs.

Don't hesitate to contact our contact persons in equity capital financing (ECM) and market-based debt financing (DCM). Together we can think of a solution that best suits your company's needs!

Our Equity Capital Markets (ECM) unit provides your company with equity capital financing services. We arrange equity capital for your company, and this solution is particularly suitable if you need more equity capital to secure business growth.

Equity capital financing is suitable, for example, to startups intending to go public. In initial public offering, your company sells shares to the public and thus receives new shareholders and capital. Our projects include share issues, initial public offerings, private placements, takeover and repurchase bids and demergers.

Our Debt Capital Markets (DCM) unit arranges market-based debt financing for corporate and institutional customers. The unit takes charge of the coordination of bond arrangements and the organisation of sales. The solution provides your company with the opportunity to efficiently expand and diversify its financing basis and sources.

Bond financing is typically unsecured senior debt capital that allows latitude for your company's other financing.