Pohjola Claim Help and filing a claim

  1. Get accident instructions from Pohjola Claim Help

    Pohjola Claim Help is available at vahinkoapu.pohjola.fi/corporate. You will also find information for contacting our partners, who can assist you in the event of loss or damage.

  2. File a claim

    Log into op.fi and go to corporate insurance services to file a loss report quickly and easily. You can always report additional expenses later in OP eServices. If you do not have access to your company’s insurance services on op.fi, you can report certain types of losses in the Claims Service at the address hae-korvausta.op.fi.

  3. Claim settlement decision

    You will be notified once the claim settlement decision has been made. If we need further information, we will be in touch with you.


What does the claim concern?

Choose below what your loss concerns, and you will directed straight to the appropriate Claim Help instructions.