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Digital insurance card

The digital insurance card is a service that presents an employee’s most important insurance coverage in a single place, and provides advice to employees in case of illness or accident

Quicker recovery and return to work

In case of illness and accident, the employee will be directed to the most suitable partner doctor to get treatment covered by the policy.


Instructions and information easily to the employee

Doctor’s consultations are made easier when instructions and insurance details are clearly shown on the insurance card.


Pohjola Insurance customer benefit

You will have access to an insurance card for free if your company has taken out personal insurance.

Information easily to employees on policies, and instructions for doctor’s consultations

In cases of illness or accident, employees can easily find instructions on their insurance card on where to find a doctor, and when there, can show the insurance policy details for invoicing. Recovery and return to work is quicker, because employees who fall ill or have had an accident get the right treatment without delay.

The digital insurance card is intended for the employees of Pohjola Insurance’s corporate customers for whom the employer has taken out for example Workers' compensation insurance or Health Insurance. The phone number for the Health Advisor service is listed on the insurance card. Employees can select the number to get directly in touch with a Health Advisor. The Health Advisor provides expert advice on all health concerns.

The digital insurance card is easier than a plastic insurance card, because it will always be with you on the phone, as long as you have saved the link.

How can I get a digital insurance card?

Instructions to employers

  1. Activate your digital insurance card at www.op.fi. The service can be accessed with online bank credentials. Creating the card requires authorisation to manage personal insurance policies in OP eServices. Once you have logged into eInsurance Services, click on the digital insurance card under Insurance and claims.  If your company has taken out Health Insurance, make sure that the personnel information is up to date before creating an insurance card. You can easily make changes in the Insurance section of the op.fi service.
  2. Certain insurance policies will have already been chosen for the digital insurance card. You can edit and add to the existing insurance policies and also include your own instructions, for example on how to report sickness absences.
  3. After you have published the card, a link will be created for it that you can share with your employees by email, text message or on the intranet.

See the end of this page for a message template you can use when sharing the link to the card to your employees.

Instructions to employees

  1. Follow the link to the digital insurance card on your phone if you have received it by email or text message. If the link is on the intranet, email it first to yourself to the email account you use on your phone.
  2. Save the link to your phone's bookmarks or home screen. The insurance card is a website that opens up on your phone’s Web browser.
  3. If you fall ill or are injured, read the appropriate instructions and act accordingly. You will get quick access to good treatment and will be soon back to normal.
  4. The digital insurance card will show the details of personal insurance your employer has taken out for you. Show these to your doctor for invoicing purposes.


The digital insurance card is available in Finnish and English.


Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
Riskiehnallintapalvelu yrityksille_kuva
Pohjola Risk Management Service
Tool for the entire work community to improve occupational safety and speed up the flow of information.


Our Workers' compensation insurance has been taken out from Pohjola Insurance. To use the insurance, you have an insurance card you can use electronically on your phone. This is the link to your insurance card: [add here a link to the company's own insurance card]. Save a link to the card on your phone's bookmarks or home screen.

Use the insurance card if you fall ill or are injured. It has instructions on where to see a doctor and what the insurance covers. When you go to the doctor’s, show the insurance details for invoicing purposes. If you like, you can use the card to call Pohjola Health Advisor directly, giving you expert advice on any health concerns.

[You can also add this to your message if the company has taken out any voluntary personal insurance policies.] The insurance card also displays other personal insurance policies, such as medical treatment expenses insurance included in Health Insurance, covering expenses caused by illnesses. More detailed information on compensation is also shown on the card.

Save the link on your mobile phone and learn more about the insurance card. For more information on the insurance card, go to op.fi/digivakuutuskortti.