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Pohjola Health Advisor service for businesses

Meet your co-workers in good health

Treatment when you need it

As a Pohjola Insurance customer, you have access to personal assistance and clear instructions, as well as an evaluation concerning whether you should see a doctor.


No more pointless doctor’s visits and uncertainty

The Health Advisor is an experienced nurse who will evaluate your condition and refer you to a virtual doctor or an appropriate specialist if necessary.


For Pohjola Insurance customers

As a Pohjola Insurance customer, health advice is available to you free of charge in the application and on the phone.

Health advice when you need it

“Got the flu. I wonder if I should stay home?”

“Will the insurance taken out by my employer cover my treatment?”

“I’ve had symptoms for a couple of days, should I go and see a doctor?”

You will get an expert’s opinion in the application’s chat or by phone for these any other health-related questions. You can also easily access your health details there, such as prescriptions, test results and vaccinations.

Do as follows if you are not sure whether you should be going to work:

  1. Contact Pohjola Health Advisor’s experts in the application’s chat or by phoning 0100 5225.
  2. They will evaluate your symptoms and either give you clear self-care instructions or refer you to an appropriate professional.
  3. If medical services subject to charge are required, you will be informed what the insurance taken out by your employer will cover. In terms of Pohjola Insurance, you may receive a decision either right away, or we can make a loss report for you.

You can also renew prescriptions and make an appointment through the application.

Pohjola Sairaala -sovellus

Open also on weekends

Pohjola Hospital experts serve you daily 7-23 by phone and in the Health Advisor mobile app chat.

Download the Health Advisor app:

Call Pohjola’s Health Advisor, tel. 0100 5225*.

*The cost of the call: the same as for normal local calls or domestic mobile call charge as specified in your telephone service provider's price list.

The health services are provided by Pihlajalinna Omasairaala Ltd. The insurance services are provided by Pohjola Insurance Ltd

Silmälasipäinen nainen nauraa huolettomasti, tietäen että terveysturva ylläpitää työhyvinvointia.
Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
Nainen laittaa pyöräilykypärää päähänsä ja on huoleton, koska hänellä on työtapaturmavakuutus.
Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.