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Business insurance abroad

Internationalisation provides Finnish businesses with growth potential but they should also prepare for risks associated with international trade, for example, by taking out insurance.

From Finland, we provide your import or export firm with a wide range of insurance services for both cargo and travelling employees. We also provide more extensive protection for your company's business abroad.

Why should you insure your cargo?

Cargo insurance provides protection against loss or damage that may be caused to cargo in transit or during intermediate storage.

You need a cargo policy if

  • your company's goods are transported abroad with your mandate
  • your company has bought goods transported with its mandate and the seller has not insured the cargo for your company
  • your company sells goods and you have agreed with the buyer that your company as seller will insure the cargo.


The policyholder may be a buyer, seller or goods owner. The insured object of the cargo insurance is goods transported somewhere in the world. The policy is taken out by the party who assumes risk or has obligation to insure based on either a trade agreement or delivery terms (e.g. Incoterms).




Why is it advisable to take out a travel policy for employees working abroad?

  • Travel  insurance provides protection against risks on business trips and on secondments that materialise before, during or after the journey.
  • In case your employee falls ill suddenly abroad, it is important to note that the costs and availability of medical care vary greatly from country to country.
  • Statutory workers’ compensation insurance does not provide cover against travel-time illness or bodily injury sustained outside working hours.
  • While travelling, coverage for, say, theft of personal effects is also necessary.


Travel policies provide protection for loss sustained by your employees on business, business and holiday trips and on secondements.

How can you protect your business abroad against risks of loss?

In case your company's foreign subsidiaries are faced with significant property or operational risks, Pohjola Insurance can manage insurance for you from Finland on a centralised basis. We can make a single Finnish framework agreement on insurance policies that cover all of your subsidiaries in various countries. Local insurance cover in the different countries constitutes an extensive whole into which the necessary risk management services are also incorporated.

We implement an insurance and risk management solution through our network of trusted international partners.

Kuljetusalan yrittäjä iloisesena ja hymyillen työssään, tietäen että kuljetusvakuutus on kunnossa.
Cargo Insurance for companies
Covers damage to cargo during transit.
Nainen on lennolla yrityksen matkavakuutus turvanaan.
Corporate Travel Insurance
A cost-effective way of preparing for surprising damages with employees travelling abroad.