Kustannustehokkaat indeksirahastot

Cost-efficient index funds

Using index funds requires the investor to be interested in market movements but, in exchange, the management, subscription and redemption fees of index funds are low.

To complement index funds, we recommend also using actively managed funds investing in growth companies and emerging markets as well as theme funds. A sign of a good index fund is that its performance is not far from the benchmark index.

The overall management of investments requires the investor's own effort, but index funds offer an agile and low-cost way to execute one's own view of global stock market performance. In index funds, the portfolio manager's role mainly consists of cost-efficient execution of the fund according to the index.

As part of an overall asset management portfolio, index funds are naturally a good selection for anyone. Thanks to their low fees, index funds can well complement actively managed funds in the portfolio of, say, a long-term saver or pension saver. Index funds are primarily recommended to an investor who intends to redeem his/her units after seven years at the earliest.

OP-Nordic Countries Index

OP-Nordic Countries Index invests in the largest Nordic companies included in the STOXX Nordic 30 index.

OP-America Index

OP-America Index invests in North-American companies included in the MSCI North America index.

OP-World Index

OP-World Index is a passive index fund that invests assets according to the MSCI World Index in large listed companies diversified on a global basis.

OP-Eurooppa Indeksi

OP-Europa Index placerar i stora europeiska företag i enlighet med indexet MSCI Europe.

OP-Asia Index

OP-Asia Index invests in the financially most advanced Asian companies included in the MSCI Pacific index.

OP-Finland Index

OP-Finland Index Fund is a passive index fund that invests its assets according to the index Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Benchmark Cap.