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Banking services on the web

Do all your company’s banking and insurance transactions at op.fi.

All banking and insurance and insurance services four company at op.fi

The op.fi service offers you the tools to do transactions related to payment transfers, financing, investment and insurance.

On the same service, you can also do your personal banking and insurance transactions

If you are both OP’s private and corporate customer or authorised to do transactions for several companies, after login you can select which role’s or company’s transactions you want to do.

Service package according to your company’s needs

Select an agreement according to your company’s needs, take a closer look at different agreements and the services they include.

Conclude an eServices Agreement

Conclude an eServices Agreement and start using a diverse range of OP’s online services.

Get OP’s online user ID

You do transactions online by using your personal private customer user ID or you personal Corporate eServices user ID. The user ID enables you to easily do your banking and insurance transactions online if you have access rights to the service.