Certificate service

OP Financial Group's certification service issues PKI certificates to OP's customers and partners for using designated services. You can find instructions for applying for and using certificates in each service that uses certificates.

Services using certificates

The Web Services (WS) channel uses certificates.

Revoking certificates

As our customer, you are responsible for transactions authorised through your certificate until the revocation of the certificate. If you suspect that the private key of your certificate has been compromised, please call immediately the revocation service, tel. 010 252 8470. The service is available 24/7. Please note that the revocation service only revocates certificates. If you need advice on other matters related to certificates, contact our customer service

For revoking the certificate used in the WS channel by phone, you will need your user ID for the WS channel or the certificate serial number. Find out the details before calling the revocation service. If such details required for the revocation are not available, you must visit to an OP cooperative bank branch to revoke the certificate.

The General Terms and Conditions of OP Financial Group’s Payment Transaction Services describe the terms related to the certificate in greater detail.

Download a root certificate to your bank connection software from the links below. 

Root certificate details

CN: OP-Pohjola Root CA
Serial Number:
1e 19
Validity Period:
Jun 7, 2012 to Jun 7, 2041
Certificate Fingerprint (MD5):
Certificate Fingerprint (SHA-1):
Key Length:

The old root certificate (Root CA for WS) has not been in use since 3 March 2014.

A description of test systems and certificates used in testing can be found on the website of each service using certificates: