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Kultalinkki bank connection software

Use of the Kultalinkki software is ending, and new Kultalinkki installations will no longer be available or supported.

OP will stop accepting materials sent from Kultalinkki on 31 December 2022.

OP Corporate Hub is a new service for cash management and monitoring of company finances. 

Start using OP Corporate Hub, which provides you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s finances and cash flows.

With Kultalinkki you can

  • process domestic and international payments and pay data
  • retrieve bank statements and reference lists of the payments into the account
  • send and receive ledger data
  • print out the required reports for accounting and track balance and transactions data real time
  • transfer money between your accounts and make urgent payments into the accounts of other cooperative banks and financial institutions
  • invoice customers using e-invoices (Finvoice), email invoices or paper invoices
  • receive and pay e-invoices (Finvoice)

Through the channel, you can send and receive your company's payment transaction data between the bank's and your own software.

With Kultalinkki, you can easily create e-invoices. Read more about sending invoices electronically.