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OP Online Payment

Safe and familiar way to pay online

Convenient payment method

For the online merchant, OP Online Payment offers a convenient way to collect payments directly to the merchant’s account. For the buyer, the payment method is a safe and familiar service provided by OP.

Excellent experience

The excellent user experience in payment makes the buyer choose OP Online Payment as payment method time after time. When the online store’s selection includes the familiar payment method, it encourages to make the purchase. 

The service is always open

You can pay online with OP Online Payment regardless of time or geographical location.

Seamless development

OP Online Payment is a REST API service, which is a modern way of integrating with a bank.

Payment method for all OP customers

OP Online Payment is a convenient way of collecting online payments for products and services. Every person and company that uses OP’s online banking services can pay with it.
In addition to account-based payments, sellers can offer other payment methods such as purchase financing. Through an OP Lasku (buy with a bill) customer financing arrangement, merchants can also provide customers with a convenient financing option.

The most popular payment method in online stores has been redesigned. It is familiar to buyers and now even better for merchants.

Safe for both the seller and the buyer

In their online store, the seller creates the payment details which the buyer sees when confirming the payment. Before the buyer confirms the payment, they identify themselves with the user ID provided by OP. The seller immediately receives verification of the completed payment and the money to their account, which means that they can quickly deliver the product or service to the buyer.

For the buyer, OP Online Payment is an easy and safe way to pay for online purchases.

Quick and easy refunds

Returning products to online stores is common, so payment refunds should by quick and easy as well. OP Online Payment includes a refund function the seller can use to refund the buyer’s payment in full or partly, with the option of several instalments. When giving the refund, the seller doesn’t have to know the buyer’s account details.

With the help of the payment ID, the refund will be transferred to the account from which the original payment arrived.

The selling of OP’s online payment button will end 31 March 2020. Companies that use the online payment button need to switch to OP Online Payment. Make the OP Online Payment agreement with your OP cooperative bank.