Outgoing international payments

Easy payments to all parts of the world

OP offers your company a wide range of convenient solutions for payments abroad. You can submit payment orders in euros or other currencies to non-European countries on a 24/7 basis.  As a rule, the payments are forwarded on the same day.

The payment method used depends on industry trade practice, provision of payment time, reliability of payment reception, speed, costs and the seller's risk appetite.

You can make international payments from euro and foreign currency accounts in euros or the most common convertible currencies.  The bank will take care of any necessary currency conversion on your company's behalf.

You can make payments when your company has an account, an agreement as well as a channel for making the payments.
Satu Lanu‚ Product manager, OP

Your euro and currency accounts in Finland and abroad form the basis of international cash management. Through your accounts with OP you can send and receive SEPA credit transfers and international payments from all parts of the world.

If your company engages in international trade in a non-euro currency, it is advisable to open a currency account with OP.

When your company goes global, a flexible choice for managing regular and ongoing payments is to open an account in the country concerned.

If you generate your payment data from a financial management system, we recommend you visit the following page where we have assembled all the necessary documents and instructions.