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Open a corporate account online

Banking services for entrepreneurs easily and quickly

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  1. Open a corporate account online

    As OP's private customer, you can open an account for yourself as private trader and enable other services online, without having to visit a bank branch. If you're another bank's customer or have another type of company, please book an appointment for opening an OP corporate account.

  2. Start with low cost

    Pay only for the services you need. You do not have to commit to long agreement periods.

  3. OP expert support

    We’ll help you with each stage of your business online, over the phone or face-to-face whenever it suits you best.

OP customer, starting as a private trader

Open a corporate account

Other types of business organisations and other than OP customers

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You can file an application online for the following services:

  • Corporate account and online bank statement (€2.80/month and service charges for each transaction based on use)

  • Agreement on OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers (€6 per month)**

  • OP-Visa Business Card (debit) (€2.75/month)

  • Most important insurance policies for entrepreneurs

  • New entrepreneurs get 30,000 euro life insurance at half price for 2 years. Buy life insurance here >

We will process your application as soon as possible after you have made the order. You can manage your corporate account by means of your personal online service user identifiers and also become user of OP Business mobile. By changing your representation, you can with the same login do your personal transactions and transactions for your company.

Services are granted by the OP cooperative bank.

What is the mandatory insurance policy for entrepreneurs all about?

An entrepreneur must buy a Self-employed persons’ pension insurance, that is, a YEL insurance, when the entrepreneur’s earnings exceed the annual income limit. For example, the income limit in question was 7656.26 euros in 2018. You must buy the YEL insurance within six months of starting your business. Read more about the YEL insurance and its terms and conditions (in Finnish).

Non-life insurance is granted by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. Life insurance is granted by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Earnings-related pensions are granted by Ilmarinen.