OP Digital Services for businesses

Op.fi offers extensive banking services for businesses of all sizes.

Use our services when it best suits you

You can use the user-friendly service on your computer, tablet or smartphone. We also recommend installing OP-mobile, our mobile bank for businesses.

Stay updated on your account balances and transactions

Get a better understanding of your company’s finances and anticipate changes.

Take care of daily finances easily

We offer versatile services for businesses. You can, for example, pay individual and recurring payments, retrieve bank statements, send e-invoices to customers and manage loans and credit limits.

Take care of your company’s banking needs without phone calls or visits to the bank

Speed up your banking transactions with our online self-services.

Check out the wide range of features at op.fi

At op.fi, you can take care of all your company's or organisation's banking transactions securely and conveniently. 

You can use the op.fi service on your computer, tablet or smartphone. OP Digital Services are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

At op.fi, you can:

Accounts and payment
  • Make SEPA credit transfers and international payments.
  • Receive online balance statements for your company’s accounts.
  • Send and receive documents.
  • Receive certificates for accounts, loans and collaterals necessary for financial statements.
  • Send e-invoices to customers.
  • Receive purchase invoices as e-invoices.
  • View loan balances and repayment plans.
  • Manage loans and credit limits.
Savings and investments
  • Buy and sell fund units and shares.
  • Track your investments’ progress.
Other services
  • Compile and download your company’s accounting records.
  • Manage foreign exchange and derivatives trading documents and currency derivatives.
  • Manage insurance policies.
  • Administer your company’s users and their access rights.


How to enable OP Digital Services

1. Sign a Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions

2. You can use our services with your personal OP User ID or your personal OP Corporate User ID.

Mobile services for corporate customers
Key banking services for your company always at hand. Learn more and get the app.
Nainen käyttää tietokoneella digitaalisia pankkipalveluita.
Online banking services for businesses
We provide your company with a number of digital services for easier banking transactions.

The digital service administrator appointed by the company can administer users and their access rights. You can assign different rights for different users or give all rights to a single user, depending your company's needs.

Persons assigned as users can perform tasks in the service to which they have access rights. You can assign access rights online or at an OP cooperative bank branch.

Users log into the service with their personal OP user ID or personal OP Corporate User ID. You can order an OP Corporate User ID online.

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