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Corporate loan

Financing for companies of all sizes, start-ups included.

Apply for a corporate loan easily online

You can apply for a loan for your business at op.fi. Fill in the corporate loan application and our expert will be in touch with you within two business days

We help you manage your risks as a borrower

Interest rate hedging is used to control your monthly loan repayments. Corporate loan protection insurance ensures that your loan is repaid even in the event of illness or injury.

Corporate loans for different needs and purchases

With a corporate loan you can finance your company's investments, purchases of tools and business expansion. We will adjust the loan term and repayments according to your company's solvency. This ensures that purchases requiring financing will not excessively burden your business and lets you allocate costs over several years.

Our experts will evaluate your company’s needs and offer a suitable financing solution. We will always calculate the best loan offer on a case-by-case basis. We view your business as a whole – we manage financing related risks too.

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Sustainable financing solutions for investments aimed at reducing environmental impacts

The importance of sustainability for SMEs and housing companies is constantly increasing. Our sustainable financing solutions are ideal if your business or housing company has plans to invest in, for example:

  • renovation projects which improve energy efficiency
  • energy-efficient new construction
  • the use of renewable energy sources
  • the circular economy
  • building infrastructure for low emission transport
  • the sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture and fishery.

How to apply for a corporate loan

When applying for a loan for your business, first fill in your company’s basic details in the loan application. We’ll contact you within two business days.

  1. Fill in and send the form online.
  2. We'll contact you as soon as possible.
  3. We'll discuss the best solution with you and calculate the loan’s pricing.
  4. You will receive a loan decision that does not bind you to take out the loan.

To speed up the financing decision, please take the following documents to the financing negotiation:

  • financial statements from the past two financial years, as well as an accounting run of the current financial year if more than six months have passed since the last financial statements,
  • a plan on the use of the funding.

We are also interested in your company’s business plan, cash flow statement, budgeted profit and predictions on how the financing will impact the company’s future.

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How is the price and interest rate of a corporate loan determined?

The corporate loan cost consists of the interest rate for the principal as well as loan management and drawdown fees. The interest rate for the corporate loan consists of an agreed reference interest rate and the bank’s markup. The markup depends, for example, on your company's future prospects and repayment capacity as well as the loan term and collateral. The corporate loan may also have a fixed interest rate.

The interest rate of a corporate loan tied to Euribor remains unchanged for the interest rate’s maturity. With a fixed rate, changes in market interest rates do not influence loan management expenses during the agreed interest period; for example, three (3) or five (5) years.

After you have submitted the corporate loan application, you will receive personal service from a local OP cooperative bank expert by phone, online or in a personal appointment. The corporate loan is adjusted to your company’s situation and needs in order to ensure a suitable loan term and repayment plan.

Our experts will also assist in preparing for risks in order for your business operations to stand on a firm foundation under changing circumstances. For example, it is prudent to prepare against rising interest rates and other risks that may impact your repayment ability, such as an illness of a key employee.

Collateral for a corporate loan – what are accepted types of collateral security?

In most cases, you will need to provide collateral security for your corporate loan. The collateral may be a real security or a guarantee. 

Real security can be used as corporate loan collateral, which means pledging property that has monetary value. The object of the pledge can be, for example, a commercial or industrial property. If the company’s movable property is pledged, this is referred to as a business mortgage.

A guarantee is also acceptable as collateral. The guarantor can be a natural person or, for example, Finnvera, a state-owned specialised financing company whose guarantees cover a substantial part of the required corporate loan collateral.

How much loan can my company take out?

The most important issues we look at in our loan decision are your company’s financial standing, liquidity and outlook. Corporate loans are always negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and the final amount of loan which your company may receive is determined by the bank’s loan offer.

Why should I include interest rate hedging for a corporate loan?

Interest rate hedging is an effective way to manage the interest rate risk of a corporate loan. OP offers a number of interest rate hedging products from which to select a suitable solution for your company.

Corporate loans are issued by OP cooperative banks or OP Corporate Bank plc.

The loan term for a corporate loan is typically 3 to 7 years. Detailed terms of the loan are always agreed on a case-by-case basis.

The most important issues we look at in our loan decision are your company’s financial standing, liquidity and outlook. The company and the people behind it must also have a good credit history. 

You will also need to provide collateral for the loan.

Bring with you financial statements from the last two financial years, auditor’s report if possible and an accounting run or interim financial statements if more than six months have passed since the last financial statements.

We are also interested in your company’s business plan, cash flow statement, budgeted profit and a prediction on what effect the loan would have on your company’s future.

If you are seeking financing for a new company, have its business plan and three-year budget plan at hand.

If other financial institutions have granted financing to your company, have these details at hand, too.

In order to grant financing, we will need collateral. Consider in advance which assets your company can use as collateral for financing.

When you fill in a loan application on the op.fi service, our specialists will contact you within a few banking days after receiving your application.

You can speed up the processing of the loan application if you attach the following attachments:

  • Last official financial statements. If more than six months have passed since the last financial statements, you must also attach a snapshot of the company’s accounts.
  • If you are seeking financing for a new company, you will need a business plan and three-year budget plan.
  • Information on financing granted by other financial institutions.
  • The company’s business plan, cash flow statement and profit budget would also be useful when processing the application.