Home loan calculator – calculate the monthly instalment of a home loan

What is a suitable monthly instalment for a home loan, holiday home loan or buy-to-let home loan? With the home loan calculator, you can easily test how the loan amount, repayment period and the interest rate affect the monthly loan instalment. You can also see the amount of OP bonuses generated from your loan if you are an OP cooperative bank owner-customer.

Tips on using the home loan calculator

When using the home loan calculator, fill in your information as accurately as possible. You can also experiment with various interest rates to see how interest rate fluctuations affect your loan.

The home loan calculator's calculation is always only indicative. The loan interest rate and terms and conditions will be specified in the loan offer. In addition, the size of the monthly instalment or the duration of the loan term is affected by the repayment method selected for the loan.

Want to buy a new home? Ask an agent to estimate your current home's sales price and use it to calculate your loan requirement. 

You typically pay a transfer tax in connection with the home sales, which is normally 1.5 per cent of the debt-free price for housing companies and 3 per cent for properties (1/2024). Calculate the transfer tax and add it to the loan amount you'll need.

Are you considering a home loan by yourself or with someone else?

Are you buying a home with someone else? You can apply for a home loan together or separately and later decide whether you want a joint home loan or separate home loans.

It is worth noting that if you take out two home loans, you also pay the loan servicing costs for the two loans. You can use the calculator to make separate indicative calculations for joint and separate loans.

Home loan calculator and OP bonuses

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you can get OP bonuses worth up to hundreds of euros from your home loan. For example, OP bonuses can be used to pay for the loan’s servicing and origination fees, for the insurance premiums of your home, and for the OP Koti real estate agency service fees.

The home loan calculator shows an estimate of your earned OP bonuses for the first year. If you apply for a 100,000 euro loan, you could earn OP bonuses worth almost 250 euros in the first year. As an owner-customer, you will get 40% more OP bonuses than normal in 2024.

The home loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.