OP Forest - Check your forest’s potential from the comfort of your home

The free OP Forest service gives an estimate of the value of your forest’s tree stand, possible harvesting options and a recommended management plan. The service also calculates how much carbon your forest stores.

Designed for all forest owners, OP Forest offers the latest information about your forest’s value and predicts what changes may take place in the forest in the future. The service can be accessed with the online banking identifiers of any bank. OP Forest shows information about your forest’s tree stand based on forest asset data collected by the Finnish Forestry Centre.  

The handy online service brings your forest closer to you and provides up-to-date information for owners

With OP Forest, you can manage your forest property from the comfort of your own home, whether your forest is in the next woods over or on the other side of the country! After registering, the service analyses your forest and shows you the following information:

  • Estimated harvesting possibilities and forest management costs over the next ten years.
  • An estimate of your forest’s carbon sink.
  • An estimated schedule for the next felling or tending of saplings.
  • If you own several forest estates, you get estimates separately for each estate as well as for your entire forest property.
  • In Finland, the digital data on forest assets is precise and conveniently at your disposal through OP Forest.
  • On the OP Forest page, you will also find a handbook that contains useful tips particularly for new forest owners. We have also prepared a tax guide to help you fill out your forest tax returns.
  • Ask Pohjola Insurance for a quote on forest insurance or order a OP Forest Appraisal.

How do I access the OP Forest service?

We have focused on convenience and user-friendliness in developing the service. To protect your privacy and data, you need to identify yourself using your bank's online identifiers when you access the service. You can use the identifiers of OP or another bank as a means of identification. After identification, you are asked to create a personal password. The information on your forest assets is saved in the service.

Steady return from Finnish forest
OP-Forest Owner offers professional forest management and steady return with ease.