OP Procurement

A centralised procurement organisation manages OP's procurement.

OP Financial Group’s centralised procurement organisation is responsible for procurement action plans for OP’s services and products, competitive tendering, supplier selection, agreement and supplier management, and purchase order management.

In addition, OP Procurement is responsible for the supplier agreements and supplier management for Non-Life Insurance Claims Services, including maintenance of the supplier network related to claims services. OP Financial Group's businesses and entities are all responsible for planning purchase orders and making purchase decisions when it comes to products or services needed in their own operations.

OP Procurement covers the Group's key service and product packages. The aim is to ensure that the purchased services, products and rights are cost-effective (TCO), of high quality, reliable and ethical, and that suppliers are managed professionally to the benefit of OP Financial Group and its customers.

OP’s procurement activities, excluding small purchases, are based on agreements or, as a minimum requirement, on purchase commitments, i.e. purchase orders. Supplier selection is carried out based on competitive tendering in accordance with OP’s supplier requirements and objectives set for the selection. We expect all our suppliers to comply with

In accordance with OP’s supplier management model, the performance of suppliers is monitored regularly based on metrics that OP and the supplier have jointly agreed upon.