I received an invite from OP to sign up for Ariba. Is there any cost in using Ariba? Do I need to pay to create an account?

Suppliers are required to create an account in Ariba when responding to the sign-up invitation or call for tenders. An account created based on an invitation is an Ariba Standard account and free of charge to the supplier.

I cannot log in using the sign-up invitation sent by OP to the supplier

I cannot log in using the call for tenders sent by OP.

If you are logging in to the call for tenders for the first time, and your company does not yet have an Ariba account with OP, the account must be created from the call for tender email. Alternatively, you can log in to Ariba using an existing username and password from the call for tender email. NOTE! The call for tenders email is always personal. If you want the call for tenders to be processed by someone else, please ask for a new call for tender invitation from the person who sent the call for tenders.

I tried to create an Ariba account using the call for tender email, but the system is saying that our company already has an active account. What should I do?

Ignore the error message about the existing account and proceed to creating a new account.

I have provided OP’s representative with an email address for sending purchase orders. The emails are not coming through and are instead sent to an incorrect address.

Check your Ariba account’s email settings for purchase orders. If necessary, ask that the account’s admin user change the email addresses of recipients. If you don’t know which Ariba account is used to receive OP’s purchase orders, email us at

I can’t find a purchase order sent by OP in our Ariba account and can’t invoice the order.

If your company already has an Ariba account where you want to receive purchase orders, report the account ID to OP. OP will forward purchase orders to this account. NOTE! Forwarding of purchase orders should be set up before the first purchase order is sent from OP. If an Ariba account is not reported to OP, the purchase order will be sent to the specified email address. You can create an Ariba account or log in to an existing account from the purchase order email.

Our Ariba account’s admin user has left our company, and we no longer have access to the account.

OP cannot grant access rights to the supplier’s account. In these cases, the supplier should contact Ariba’s support.

The contact information can be found on Ariba’s login page: click the question mark (in the top right corner) > Support (bottom right corner) > Contact us > Reset my password / Forgot Username > follow the instructions and select “I am experiencing a different issue” to open the form for contacting Ariba.