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SAP Ariba Supplier Portal

We use the SAP Ariba sourcing system for our purchases and cooperation with suppliers. The system is used to manage tenders, contracts, and supplier information and purchase orders. We invite suppliers to participate in tenders and send sign-up invitations and purchase orders via Ariba. To activate the system, you will need to create a personal or company-specific username by logging in to Ariba from a sign-up invitation or by responding to a call for tenders.

The No PO No Pay policy is based on purchase orders made in Ariba. The supplier receives a purchase order (PO) number from OP that is used to invoice OP in Ariba. Payment also takes place in Ariba. If the PO number is missing, we will notify the buyer and supplier. If the PO number is still missing despite a reminder, the invoice is returned to the supplier.

The new policy improves the transparency and efficiency of invoicing: purchase orders ensure compliance with the contract and sufficient approvals, and that the invoice is paid on time. The greatest benefit is that all invoices are processed in a single system. As a supplier, you can keep track of all of OP’s orders and invoices in Ariba.

Supplier sign-up

As part of the supplier sign-up and approval process, we ask that suppliers enter their basic information in the Ariba Sourcing system. Supplier information is needed from suppliers who are invited and selected for calls for tender. The supplier is responsible for ensuring that the information is up-to-date.

The supplier profile questionnaire is sent to supplier representatives via the system. Suppliers can log in to the Ariba Sourcing service from a link in the email to fill in the supplier profile questionnaire. Suppliers incur no costs arising from signing up to the service in order to provide their supplier information.

Calls for tenders

Supplier selection in Ariba is based on an electronic tendering process.

OP sends suppliers invitations to electronic calls for tenders. The response to a call for tenders is made in the Ariba Sourcing system. To participate in a call for tenders, the supplier must log in to Ariba or create an Ariba account using the call for tenders email. Suppliers incur no costs arising from signing up to the service in order to provide their supplier information.

Purchase orders and invoicing (Purchase to Pay process)

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) speeds up and enhances the process, reduces errors in invoice processing and generates cost savings to both parties.

Electronic signature of procurement agreements

Considering that new procurement agreements created through Ariba are basically signed electronically, the agreement does not need to print out, post or scan. The electronic signature is performed using the DocuSign solutions integrated into the Ariba system.