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As a result of the changes in the Payment Services Act, the need for strong identification is becoming more common. Mobile key fulfils the requirements of the Payment Services Act and is the primary identification method on our services. We recommend that you start using it.

Mobile key – always goes with you on your smartphone or tablet

Mobile key is an identification method that always goes with you on a smartphone or a tablet. You can use it to log in and confirm payments and transactions on OP-mobile and the op.fi service. With Mobile key, you can also identify yourself when you call our Customer Service for personal customers, when you access other services, such as MyTax and Kela, and when you pay for online purchases.

You need to enable OP-mobile and Mobile key only once on one device, a smartphone or a tablet. After this, you can use Mobile key on the OP-mobile app for identifying yourself on all services that require identification.

You can still identify yourself using the key code list

If you still prefer using the key code list on our services, select it as your identification method when identifying yourself. In that case, in addition to a user ID, you will need a mobile phone for receiving SMSes from the bank in order to identify yourself.

This means that when using a key code list, you need a device that can receive SMSes. Receiving the SMSes is free of charge to you. The bank’s SMSes requesting further confirmation are always sent from the number +358 40 711 8180, and they are signed by OP.

Check your phone number for further confirmation

To use Mobile key and receive confirmation SMSes, your phone number for further confirmation must be up to date. The further confirmation number is your phone number linked to your username. Check that your phone number for further confirmation is correct.

How to check your details at op.fi:

  • Private customers: Oma profiili (My profile) > Omat tietoni (My details)
  • Corporate customers: Settings > Confirmation and devices > Managing further confirmation number

If you don’t have a phone number for further confirmation yet, you can add it when logged in at op.fi or by visiting a bank branch. If the phone number for further confirmation shown in your details is incorrect, contact our telephone service or a bank branch.

Don’t have a mobile phone?

If you don’t have a mobile phone, contact your OP cooperative bank to agree on the best way to make your transactions.

New services for managing your accounts and making payments

As a result of changes in the Payment Services Act, you can view your account details and make payments on other than your bank’s services, too. The new Payment Services Act makes this possible by requiring banks to open their account and payment data to external service providers.