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Further confirmation of payments and transactions

What is further confirmation and how to do it?

With further confirmation, we make sure that the person using your user ID is really you. When we need further confirmation for a payment or online transaction, we send an SMS to the phone number linked to your user ID.

The SMS you receive includes the details of the payment or transaction being made at the moment. First check that the details are correct. Don't confirm the transaction if its details are incorrect or if you're not making such a transaction at the moment. Note that our further confirmation SMSes always come from number +358 40 711 8180.

The SMS also tells you how to confirm the transaction. If you used Mobile key for identification, you will receive a further confirmation code to enter. If you used your key code list, you will receive a serial number. Find the number on your key code list and then enter the key code next to it.

How to make a further confirmation when using Mobile key

When you confirm a transaction with Mobile key, enter your PIN. If the system then requests further confirmation, you will get an SMS with the code you must enter for further confirmation.

First check the details in the SMS. If they're correct, enter the code sent in the SMS to your app.

How to make a further confirmation when using your key code list

When you're confirming a transaction with your key code list, you will receive a further confirmation SMS. The SMS will include the serial number for the key code you need.

First make sure that the SMS details match the transaction you're about to confirm. Then, on your key code list, find the serial number sent in the SMS. Enter the key code next to the serial number.

Let us know if your phone number changes

If your phone number changes, please call our Customer Service or contact your OP cooperative bank.

You won't receive the SMSes needed for further confirmation if you don't have a phone number linked to your user ID. To add or check your phone number to be used for further confirmation, log into OP-mobile and go to My profile.

Note that the phone number you use for further confirmation can't be linked to another person's user ID.

What to do if you don't get a further confirmation SMS? 

If you don't get SMSes related to further confirmation, go to OP-mobile. Under My profile, check whether your phone number for further confirmation is correct. If you no longer use the phone number to which the SMS was sent, please call OP Customer Service or contact your OP cooperative bank.

If the phone number is correct but you still didn’t get the SMS, turn off your phone and restart it. Also check your phone’s settings and SMSes to make sure that our phone number hasn't been blocked or set as a spam number. Further confirmation SMSes are always sent from number +358 40 711 8180  and are signed by OP.

Did you get a suspicious confirmation SMS?

If you get an SMS asking you to click a link to either log in or do something else, it's a fake SMS. The bank would never send you links to login pages.

And don't confirm a transaction if you're not the one making it, or if its details are incorrect. In such cases, deactivate your user ID by calling OP Customer Service or by visiting an OP cooperative bank branch. Outside OP Customer Service opening hours, call the Deactivation Service to deactivate your user ID. Always notify OP of the situation.