Manage user ID

This page shows the components and settings related to your user ID. If you want to make any changes, please log in.

Key code list

Phone number for further confirmation

Mobile key

  • You can enable Mobile key on OP's mobile apps. Mobile key is always device and app specific. That’s why you can only change a Mobile key PIN with the device and app with which you use it. In the service, you can see all Mobile keys in your use and remove a single Mobile key if needed. Don’t get rid of your key code list even if you use Mobile key.

Username and password

  • You should change your password regularly. If you forget your password, contact your OP cooperative bank. If you use Mobile key, you can check your username on OP-mobile (More — Settings) or on OP Business mobile (Customer profile). If you suspect that your username, password, key codes or Mobile key details have fallen into the wrong hands, deactivate your user ID immediately and notify our Customer Service. Deactivation will prevent the use of all OP digital services. Visit your OP cooperative bank to renew your deactivated user ID.