Health declaration

The applicant's state of health determines whether a policy will be granted. When applying for personal insurance or animal insurance, it is important that you fill in the health declaration carefully.

A health declaration is a query about the state of health of the proposed insured person or animal. A health declaration is easy to fill in online, and it is used to determine whether the policy can be granted.

It is possible to obtain insurance even if the person or animal is not in full health. This means that any pre-existing condition may affect the extent of coverage offered.

It is important that you do not terminate any existing policy until you have received a decision that a new policy has been granted.

When do I have to provide health information?
•    If you are seeking cover for medical treatment expenses caused by illness, for death or for disability
•    If you are seeking insurance just for accidental injuries and you are over 57 years old
•    If you are seeking traveller's insurance for a longer journey.

Who provides the health information?
•    The health declaration must be filled in separately for each person to be insured.
•    Adults provide their own health information, while minors' health information is submitted by the parent or legal guardian.

Do I have to be fully fit?
Insurance may be granted to cover new illnesses, although you may already have been diagnosed with some illnesses.

You can get a decision by filling in the health declaration:
•    A pre-existing condition may be excluded from coverage.
•    Life insurance may also be granted in exchange for a higher premium.

Unfortunately there are situations under which we cannot grant the applied policy. In such cases, an insurance policy will less coverage may be the solution. For example, you can receive comprehensive coverage for accidents, instead of insurance against illnesses.

Insurance for an unborn child on the basis of the mother’s health details

When applying for insurance for an unborn child, we ask for the mother's health information. You can apply for insurance cover for your child after birth, using the child's health information.

Will my personal information remain confidential?
Information you submit to us will be handled with the strictest confidence. Only our experts specialising in health declarations will see the details of the person to be insured or of the pregnant mother.


A written health declaration is required for an animal to be insured, on the basis of which we grant the insurance. It is important that you provide correct information.

A new insurance policy can be granted even though the animal is not in a perfect state of health. An individual exclusion clause can be included in the insurance. The insurance provides protection in the case of illnesses but does not cover the costs arising from existing illnesses, disorders or defects.


Life insurance is granted by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Animal and health insurance policies are granted by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.