Professional liability insurance

You get protection in case you cause damage while working for which you are liable

You get protection if you cause damage or loss while working.

While working, you may cause damage to a person or his property. If you have our professional liability insurance, we will help you in the case of damage to determine your liability for damages, negotiate with the claimant and pay the required damages.

We recommend taking out the insurance if you are, for example,

  • an instructor or childminder
  • a hairdresser
  • a municipal or government official.

If you are a doctor or another healthcare or medical professional, ensure that you have a patient insurance. Read more about patient insurance>

If you run your business through a limited liability company and employ other people too, general liability insurance for entrepreneurs is better for you. Read more about entrepreneurs liability insurance >

Damage caused by a private individual is covered by general liability and legal expenses insurance included in home insurance.

I was dying my customer's hair and despite the protective cape some colourant dropped on the sleeve of her silk blouse. The damage was compensated under my professional liability insurance.
Marja‚ hairdresser. Espoo

Professional liability insurance covers damage or loss that you cause to another person or his property while working and you are liable for damages by law.

In the case of the coverable damage or loss, the insurance covers investigation and legal expenses up to the maximum of the sum insured. The maximum indemnity is determined by your profession.

A deductible is subtracted from each loss event, or your share of the amount of the coverable loss.

Professional liability insurance does not cover, for example, damage or loss:

  • caused to yourself
  • for which the insured is liable only by virtue of an agreement, engagement, promise or guarantee
  • insofar as it concerns road accident or treatment injury.


Neither does the insurance cover a loss to the extent that the loss is covered by another liability insurance policy.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.