Travel insurance for children

Travelling with the entire family creates wonderful shared memories. A great trip is one that is well-planned with the children in mind, starting from the insurance.

When going on holiday with children, the travel insurance policy should cover all the essentials. Your child’s health is covered with traveller's insurance, the luggage with luggage insurance. Together, these form comprehensive travel insurance for your child. The insurance should cover the entire trip, from your front door all the way back.

Traveller's insurance as part of the travel insurance policy for babies and children

Continuous traveller's insurance is personal for each family member, including babies. In other words, the insurance policy of a parent or grandparent does not cover any children or grandchildren.

The advantage to this is that the insurance can be tailored to match the child’s needs and provide very comprehensive cover during the trip. A travel insurance policy for a child is valid regardless of whether the child is travelling alone or with his or her parents. Trips within Finland must be insured separately, if need be.

If you already have a valid travel insurance for a child, always read the policy document before departing on a trip to check the level of cover the insurance policy provides.

A fixed-term traveller's insurance is valid for a single trip. The advantage is that children under the age of 15 are automatically included in their parents’ or grandparents’ insurance, however in no more than one traveller's insurance at a time. In other words, you do not need to buy a fixed-term insurance for a child, if the family is travelling together. Travel within Finland to a destination more than 50 km from the home are included in the policy.

When does my child need personal fixed-term traveller's insurance?

  • If your child is 15 or older, or will turn 15 during the trip.
  • If your child is under 15 and travelling alone.

Luggage insurance for children

If the child is travelling with his or her parent, the parent’s luggage insurance will also cover the children’s luggage.

If the child is travelling alone, whether or not a separate luggage insurance is needed depends on the parent’s travel insurance and other home insurance policies. For example, home insurance with additional family luggage insurance will cover the luggage of all family members living in the household, even when these are travelling separately.

You can also take out a personal luggage insurance for your child, either as a continuous or a fixed-term policy.

Travel insurance during pregnancy

Your child can be insured with a continuous traveller's insurance even before he or she is born. The expectant mother’s continuous travel insurance does not cover the unborn child or sudden changes in the pregnancy. Traveller's Medical Treatment Cover for an unborn child may cover expenses due to a sudden change in the pregnancy during the trip that requires immediate medical care due to the unborn child.

However, if the mother has a valid fixed-term traveller's insurance, this will also cover a child born during the trip. For more information on coverable expenses and insurance terms and conditions, see the product guide of the insurance.

Travel insurance for the family - insure your shared adventures

First, think about how many trips your family makes during the year. If you travel two or more times each year, we recommend a continuous travel insurance for your family. Continuous traveller's insurance must be taken out separately for each family member. If you are planning to travel within Finland, be sure to also include cover for domestic trips in each family member’s policy.

Insuring luggage is easy with a shared luggage insurance for the entire family. By choosing a continuous luggage insurance that covers the entire family, you buy a policy that will cover the luggage of all family members living in the household, even when they are travelling separately. In turn, personal luggage insurance covers your luggage and those of family members living in the same household when travelling together. Still, be sure to check that the sum insured is sufficient for all the luggage that you intend to carry.

When you opt to cover a single holiday trip with fixed-term travel insurance for your family, children and grandchildren under 15 years are automatically included in their parents’ or grandparents’ traveller's insurance when you are travelling together – but in just one traveller's policy at a time. In this case, travel insurance for the child provides the same cover as the policyholder’s, with the exception of handicap and death benefits, the fixed sums of which for co-travelling children under 15 are listed in the terms and conditions. Fixed-term luggage insurance does cover the luggage of all family members living in the same household when travelling together, up to the selected sum insured.

Separate insurance must be bought for an unborn child, because the policy of a pregnant woman does not cover, for example, a sudden change in pregnancy. Contact our experts for more information.