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Travel insurance for a child

Travelling with your family creates memories of shared moments. Travelling is easier if you plan your trip from the viewpoint of the children, including the necessary insurance.

When you go on holiday with a child, travel insurance must cover all important matters. You get coverage for your child with traveller's insurance and for your luggage with luggage insurance, and together they create comprehensive coverage for your child's trip. The insurance must provide coverage for the entire trip, from your front door aboard and all the way back to your front door.

Eurooppalainen's traveller's insurance for a child or baby

Continuous traveller's insurance must be taken separately for each family member, including any babies. Any accompanying children or grandchildren are not included under their parents' or grandparents' policies.

The benefit from this is that the travel insurance is tailored to meet exactly the family's needs, and the child's trip can be insured quite extensively. The insurance is valid regardless of whether the children are travelling alone or with their parents. Trips within Finland are insured separately if necessary.

If you already have a valid travel insurance policy, please check in the policy documents before you leave whether the coverage is sufficiency just for the trip you are planning to take.

A fixed-term traveller's insurance only covers a specific journey. The benefit is that children under the age of 15 are automatically included under their parents or grandparents. This means that you do not have to take out a fixed-term policy for a child provided the family is travelling together. Domestic travel to a destination over 50 km from home are covered.

When should I take out a fixed-term traveller's insurance for my child?

  • If a child is 15 years or older or will turn 15 during the trip
  • A child under 15 years travelling alone.

Luggage insurance

  • If the child is accompanied by a parent, the parent's personal luggage Insurance will also cover the child's luggage

  • If the child is travelling alone, if depends on the parent's travel insurance and other home insurance policies whether a separate luggage insurance policy must be taken out for the child. If, for example, the Home Insurance includes family-specific luggage insurance, it covers the luggage of all family members living in the household, even if they travel separately

  • You can also take out a separate luggage insurance policy for a child, either a continuous or a fixed-term one.

Separate insurance must be bought for an unborn child, because the policy of a pregnant woman does not cover, for example, a sudden change in pregnancy. Contact our experts for more information.