Pohjola Health Advisor service

Assistance for your health concerns over the phone and via the app chat 7.00–23.00 every day of the year

For Pohjola Insurance customers

As a Pohjola Insurance personal insurance customer, health advice is available to your free of charge in the application and on the phone.


No more pointless doctor’s visits and uncertainty

Pohjola Health Advisor will help you decide whether you should see a doctor. You may not even have to book a doctor’s appointment, and your Health Advisor can give you clear instructions for home care. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Health Advisor about any concerns you may have about your own or your child’s health.


The health advisor provides quick access to treatment if you fall ill or are injured

When you contact the health advisor, an experienced healthcare professional will assess your symptoms and, if necessary, schedule an appointment with one of our partners. Our partners are private medical centres offering diverse services and extensive hours. 


The Pohjola Health Advisor files a loss report for you

When you initiate your care through the Pohjola Health Advisor service, you may even receive the claim settlement decision while using the service. No separate loss report is needed, and all you need to pay out of pocket at the doctor’s appointment is your deductible, if applicable. 

Download the Pohjola Health Advisor app to your phone

You can contact a health advisor by phone or via the app. It’s advisable to download the app in advance, so that you can contact a health advisor right away when you or your child need health advice. 

Download the Pohjola Health Advisor app from App Store 

How to use the Pohjola Health Advisor service

1. Access the service via the app or by phone 

Download the Pohjola Health Advisor app from your phone’s app store or call 0100 5225. 

2. Experienced healthcare professionals are at your service

A health advisor will assess your need for treatment. If necessary, they will refer you directly to our partner hospital or clinic or to a remote consultation to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment. If a visit to a doctor is not needed, you will receive clear instructions for home care.

3. The Pohjola health advisor files a loss report for you

If the healthcare services are subject to a charge, the health advisor will check what your Pohjola Insurance policy covers and whether you can make use of the direct claim. As a Pohjola Insurance insurance customer, you may also get a claim settlement decision while speaking with the health advisor.

Pohjola Health Advisor service in a nutshell:

The Pohjola Health Advisor service is a free-of-charge health advice service for Pohjola Insurance customers. In the service, experienced healthcare professionals assist you 7.00–23.00 every day. 

You can contact a health advisor if you have fallen ill, are injured or have concerns about your own health or the health of your child. The health advisor will give you health advice, instructions on emergency care and self-care, diagnostic assessments and, if needed, schedule an appointment with a doctor for you.

Did you know that three out of four customers recommend the Pohjola Health Advisor service? Source: OP Customer Insight / Customer relationship survey with personal customers 2020

Health advisors are experienced healthcare professionals

All of our health advisors are experienced nurses and extensively qualified in various medical specialisations. For example, you may be assisted in the service by a paediatric nurse, a public health nurse, a midwife or a nurse specialised in neurology. You can consult them about any concerns you might have about your health. 

Pohjola Health Advisor service helps with a variety of symptoms 

Typical ailments treated in the Pohjola Health Advisor service include: 
  • Stomach problems, such as pain, diarrhoea
  • Earache or hearing loss symptoms
  • Skin reactions
  • Flu symptoms, such as cough, fever, a runny nose
  • Hand or foot injuries
An actual visit to a doctor is not always needed. In the chat, you can include pictures of skin or eye symptoms, for example. If needed, the health advisor can add a physician to the chat, who can write you a prescription or a referral to further examinations, if needed.

What does the Pohjola Health Advisor service cost? 

The chat discussions with the health advisor are always free of charge when you have taken out personal insurance with Pohjola Insurance. You will pay a deductible, as applicable, for a doctor’s appointment if the treatment of the illness or injury is covered by your Pohjola Health Insurance. 

How do I benefit if the health advisor directs me to a partner doctor?

Pohjola Insurance has an extensive nationwide network of partners. As our customer, you will receive good and high-quality care quickly. 

Using the services of our partners is easy when you initiate the process through the Pohjola Health Advisor service. The Pohjola Health Advisor service will file the loss report on your behalf and verify what your insurance covers if you need physician’s services that are subject to charge. You will only pay your deductible, as applicable, on doctor’s appointments, since our partner hospitals or clinics use the direct claims service. 

Our partner hospitals or clinics include Docrates, Lääkärikeskus Aava, Oral hammaslääkärit, Orton, Pihlajalinna, Pikkujätti, Terveystalo and Mehiläinen. 

Help is near on any day of the week

The Pohjola Health Advisor service is available 7.00–23.00 every day, both over the phone and via the chat in the app.

Download the Pohjola Health Advisor app:

Call Pohjola Health Advisor, tel. 0100 5225*.

*Call charges: the same as for normal local calls or domestic mobile call charges as specified in your telephone service provider’s price list.

The Pohjola Health Advisor service is provided by Pihlajalinna Lääkärikeskukset Ltd. The insurance services are provided by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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