Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit

How to make changes to your loan

Find your loan details on OP-mobile or op.fi

Find your loan details on OP-mobile or op.fiTo see the current situation of your loan, log in to OP-mobile (or op.fi in Finnish or Swedish). You can check the following information:
  • current loan amount 
  • size of your next instalment
  • billing method 
  • due date 
  • interest rate

Checking your loan details is possible whenever you want. It also helps you to keep control of your finances in all situations.


Flexible Consumer Credit – draw down, repay, and draw down again

Flexible Consumer Credit is a loan that you can draw down into your account whenever needed. You will repay the used credit in the same way as the credit facility of your credit card. The repaid credit will then become available for re-use. You can draw down Flexible Consumer Credit into your account again within the agreed credit limit. It means that you don’t need to make a new loan application. 

After you have paid back all your Flexible Consumer Credit, the same loan amount remains available to you. 

To make a drawdown, log in to OP-mobile (or op.fi in Finnish or Swedish).


Changing your repayment plan

You can make changes to the repayment instalment or the due date of Special Consumer Credit or Flexible Consumer Credit. You can also activate the annual grace month during which you will not need to repay the loan principal or pay interest. Grace month is free of charge, and it is the same month every year. 

Make the changes before the bill is created

Each loan repayment bill is created three weeks before its agreed due date. You can modify an upcoming repayment if its bill hasn’t been created yet. Make changes to your repayment plan in good time so that it can take effect from the repayment you want. 

Make changes to the loan

You can change the repayment plan for OP Tailored Consumer Credit by calling the Customer Service for unsecured credits at 010 252 7450, Mon–Fri 8–16.30. Call prices: €0.0835 per call + €0.167 per minute (incl. VAT).

Make an extra loan repayment

You can also make extra repayments to pay back your loan faster. Extra repayments will not reduce the size of your monthly repayments but your total loan amount. They will shorten your total loan term. 

You can make an extra loan repayment yourself on OP-mobile or op.fi.

Extra loan repayment on op.fi

Making an extra repayment on op.fi is like paying any other bill. To find the payment details, go to your previous loan repayment bill. Enter your loan’s number under Payee’s account number.

The reference number for your loan repayment bills is always the same. Fill in the amount and due date. Then confirm the payment as usual.

To find the loan number, go to Loans and the loan in question. 

Extra loan repayment on OP-mobile

On OP-mobile, go to Loans to see your loan details. Select the loan to which you wish to make an extra repayment. To make an extra repayment, tap Information, then Make a loan payment and Extra repayment.


Want to pay off your loan in advance?

If you want to pay off your total loan amount in one go, please send us a message on OP-mobile or op.fi.

Include the following in your message:

  • the loan number
  • the number of the account to be used for the payment
  • the date you wish to pay off your loan

Terminating Flexible Consumer Credit

If you terminate your Flexible Consumer Credit, you can either continue repaying your debt according to the agreed schedule or pay off the remaining debt at once.

If you want to terminate your Flexible Consumer Credit agreement, message us on the op.fi service or OP-mobile.

Include the following in your message:

  • state that you wish to terminate your Flexible Consumer Credit
  • your loan number (you can find this on your bill or under loan details)
  • your current account number if you want to pay off the remaining debt at once (please note that we will charge a small fee for the last payment as specified in the bank’s list of charges and fees).

You can also terminate your agreement by calling OP Customer Service.