Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit

How to make changes to your loan

Find your loan details on OP-mobile

To see the current situation of your loan, log into OP-mobile. You can check the following information:
  • current loan amount 
  • size of your next repayment
  • billing method 
  • due date and 
  • interest rate.
Checking your loan details is possible whenever you want. It also helps you to keep control of your finances in all situations.

Flexible Consumer Credit – draw down, repay and draw down again

Flexible Consumer Credit is a loan that you can draw down into your account whenever needed. You will repay the used credit in the same way as the credit facility of your credit card. The repaid credit will then become available for re-use. You can draw down Flexible Consumer Credit into your account again within the agreed credit limit. It means that you don’t need to make a new loan application.

After you have paid back all your Flexible Consumer Credit, the same loan amount remains available to you.

To make a drawdown, log into OP-mobile 

It’s easy to make changes to your loan

In the application process, you have already agreed on the size and schedule of the repayments for paying back your loan. However, if something unexpected comes up, you can change your repayment plan. Please call our customer service at 010 252 745 (Mon–Fri 9–16.30).

Each loan repayment bill is generated three weeks before its agreed due date. You can modify an upcoming loan repayment, if its bill hasn’t been generated yet. 

If you applied for Flexible Consumer Credit on OP-mobile, you unfortunately can’t modify the loan yourself. In that case, please call our customer service.