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Legal services

Expert help in wealth-related legal matters.

Our legal experts will help you, for example, in tax planning, preparation of a last will and testament or a continuing power of attorney.

Please contact your personal Private contact person and make an appointment with our legal expert.

Five examples of our legal services

  • Asset transfer planning, or inheritance planning means the transfer of your assets to the next generation.  Such planning takes account, for example, of the provisions of private law and tax issues. Inheritance planning requires a long-term approach and the earlier you begin planning, the better the result you will achieve.
  • A continuing power of attorney enables you as principal to authorise a person of your choice to manage your affairs in the case, for instance, of disability caused by an illness or bodily injury. When you prepare a continuing power of attorney in advance, you can express hopes and set restrictions for the authorised representative.
  • For example, a last will and testament enables you to protect your spouse’s status should you die or to ensure that assets assigned under the last will and testament will remain with your beneficiaries even if they divorce. The last will and testament is also one of the most important instruments in inheritance tax planning.
  • Taxes are an unavoidable issue when it comes to wealth. Our experts are pleased to tell you about various tax implications and options in a variety of cases of asset transfer and, say, taxes on investment income.

Generally, the need for legal advice is mostly related to changes, such as establishing a company, changing the type of business organisation or transferring the business, for example, to the next generation. In particular, an owner-manager can reap major benefits through settling tax-related questions.

  • You can use your OP bonuses to pay, e.g. for legal services.

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