Omistaja-asiakas saa etuja pankkiasioinnistaan ja asionti sujuu helposti vaikka kotisohvalla.

Banking benefits for owner-customers

As an owner-customer, you are entitled to banking services at a lower price and to many other benefits as well.

Discount on daily banking services

As an owner-customer, you get off on a current account, OP eServices and OP-Visa card and you can pay the rest using OP bonuses you earn. Daily banking service cost owner-customers €3.95/month (normal charge €5.45/month). 
If you are under 26 years of age, you receive our daily banking services free of charge. You can choose either OP-Visa Debit, OP-Visa Credit/Debit or OP-Visa Electron as your card.

Other benefits:

  • Purchase Protection Insurance on OP-Visa purchases until 31 December 2017. If you are our owner-customer, you will get the new Product Protection Insurance as of 1 January 2018. Product Protection Insurance covers not only OP-Visa credit purchases but also OP-Visa debit purchases. This benefit is also included in an owner-customer's OP-Mastercard.
  • Fixed interest rate on your home loan throughout the loan term
  • A 250-euro discount on OP Koti real estate agent commissions
  • Student loan with no service charge

The service package for daily banking transactions include

  • current account*
  • OP eServices
  • OP-Visa-, OP-Visa Electron-, OP-Visa Debit or OP Visa Gold**
  • online bank statement.

* A current account with recurring payments means that incoming payments on your accounts total at least 500 euros in three months. All payments are taken into consideration here, except transfers between your own accounts.
**) Daily banking services cost OP-Visa Gold cardholders €8.00/month.

As an OP-Visa cardholder, your card automatically includes Purchase Protection Insurance which will terminate on 31 December 2017. You can file a claim under Purchase Protection Insurance after its termination too, if you have made your purchase before 2018 and the Purchase Protection Insurance terms and conditions are otherwise fulfilled.

> Take a closer look at the Purchase Protection Insurance product description

> Take a closer look at the Purchase Protection Insurance terms and conditions

As an owner-customer, you will automatically receive Product Protection Insurance as of 1 January 2018 instead of Purchase Protection Insurance.

Product Protection Insurance is a more comprehensive policy for owner-customers because it covers not only credit transactions but also debit transactions for 180 days of the date of purchase. It is valid for purchases made with owner-customers' OP-Visa Credit/Debit combination cards (i.e. OP-Visa, OP-Visa Gold or OP-Visa Platinum) and OP-Mastercard Credit cards. The insurance also covers any joint cards linked to an owner-customer's card.

The deductible for Product Protection Insurance is 75 euros.

Product Protection Insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

> Read more about Product Protection Insurance

> Take a closer look at the Product Protection Insurance product description (pdf)

> Take a closer look at the Product Protection Insurance terms and conditions (pdf)

Travel Cancellation Cover included in OP-Visa Gold

A unique Travel Cancellation Cover is automatically included in the card. After you have paid for your journey abroad, accommodation or a service relating to your journey – such as concert tickets or an excursion – using your card as a credit card, you can cancel your journey for any reason, due to a job-related obstacle, for example.
Travel Cancellation Cover also covers a cancelled journey abroad for all your family if the journey has been paid using the card as a credit card. This amount accounts for 75% the price of the journey, accommodation and other services.

As our owner-customer, you can choose a long-term fixed interest rate for your new home loan throughout the loan's term, up to 25 years. This is how you can ensure that your interest charges for your home loan will remain unchanged throughout the loan term. As our owner-customer, you can also repay your long-term fixed-rate home loan whenever you like without any extra costs.
Student loan for owner-customers with no service charge in case the loan application is filed at

As our owner-customer, you are entitled to a 250-euro discount on OP-Kiinteistökeskus sales commissions (not on minimum commission).