Nainen, mies ja lapset kävelemässä

Make your whole family owner-customers!

Buying all your family’s banking and insurance services at OP will bring significant benefits and discounts to the whole family. By bundling all your family members’ services into a so-called family unit, even your children’s use of services will generate OP bonuses for the whole family.

Why create a family unit?


  1. It pays to include in the family unit all family members living in the same household. This means that also the children’s use of services will earn OP bonuses that will benefit the whole family.
  2. Bonuses can offset, for example, all or some insurance premiums or loan management costs of persons belonging to the family unit.
  3. Moreover, OP’s partners provide benefits to families with children. You can easily find and redeem these benefits on OP-mobile.

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Even children benefit from being owner-customers


Even a small child will benefit from being an owner-customer. You can open a bank account for your child as soon as he or she is born. In this way, children will earn various benefits from an early age and, as they grow up, they can practise spending and saving by using their own bank account. The owner-customer’s membership cooperative contribution is also an excellent choice for a child’s first investment since the amount will be retained as a saving. As owner-customers, children get the following benefits:

  1. A current account free of charge in which you can save, say, child benefits and money gifts.
  2. You can buy, sell and switch the majority of our mutual funds with no separate charges when you want to save for your child’s future.
  3. Investments in funds also bring OP bonuses to owner-customers.

A family unit suits all families

  1. At least two persons living in the same household can establish a family unit.
  2. Also children under 18 years of age can be owner-customers and they can be included in a family unit.
  3. However, the members of the family must be owner-customers of the OP cooperative bank where the family unit is established.

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How to establish a family unit


1. As an OP cooperative bank customer, you can become an owner-customer online by using your user identifiers for OP eServices.

2. You can easily establish a family unit by visiting a bank branch. If all family members cannot attend, you can use a power of attorney. The power of attorney must state that the family member will become an owner-customer and will be included in a family unit.

3. Book an appointment

As an OP cooperative bank customer, you can become an owner-customer with your online service user identifiers.

Become an owner-customer

If you are not an OP cooperative bank customer, book an appointment and become an owner-customer at a bank branch.

Book an appointment

In most OP cooperative banks, the owner-customer’s member cooperative contribution amounts to about 100 euros.